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"Inconceivable" by Ben Elton - book review.

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Contents Introduction.................................................2 About the Author.........................................3 Author's Works...........................................4 "Inconceivable"............................................5 * Synopsis.................................................................6 * Review................................................................6-7 * Extracts............................................................8-10 Introduction I have chosen to read the book "Inconceivable" by Ben Elton. As I do not read books a lot I did not have any real idea what or who I wanted to do this project on when it was first set. I decided that I would prefer to read a humorous book instead of a normal fiction story book which I may easily get bored of after a while. I did not have any authors in mind when I decided I wanted to read a comedic book, so I decided to go to a bookshop and look at a few books to see what I might like to read. I found books by Ben Elton and decided to look at a few of them because I had known that Ben Elton is a good stand-up comedian, so his books would probably be quite an interesting read. I read a bit of several of the books and thought that "Inconceivable" would be a good one to read purely because of the name of the book, the illustration on the front cover and the quotes from people and newspapers saying how good and funny they found the book. "Inconceivable" is the book that the film "Maybe Baby" was based around. Knowing that the book had actually been made into a film also inspired me to read it since it was good enough to be a film. I read the book first and it has made me want to see the film just to see if it is as good as the book and if you get the same kind of feel for the story and the characters as you do when reading the book. ...read more.


The way they write these letters is a little unrealistic just to make it more sensible and easier for the reader to follow, for example, they continually "remind" themselves of things, such as their friends names and what they do, which is not something they would have to do in real life. At the start, Lucy really wants a baby and this is clear from what she writes. She tells us she has wanted one from a very young age, and that being a mother is where she sees her place in life. Sam on the other hand does want a child but not for the same reasons as Lucy. He wants a child because it will make Lucy happy and will be a confirmation of their love for each other. Sam at the start is not too keen on the idea of writing these letters about their feelings to themselves, he writes very little at the start, apart from a basic outline of his day, but as the story moves on, he opens up and lets us in a little more, and we can see he needs a lot of reassurance in his life. As Sam and Lucy keep trying for a baby, the frustration that starts to build up caused by the clinical nature of their love life starts to cause arguments and bitterness between the two, and the only place they can securely let out their feelings is in their diaries. Being able to read the feelings of two people at the same time is quite powerful and exciting, as you see them struggle to keep going and keep their feelings for each other the same. ...read more.


The happiest six months of my life, despite the fact that we've just been through our second IVF cycle and failed it. The doctors said that there were some signs of it having begun to work but ultimately that Debbie and Dick Two could not hang on. Lucy was very upset, of course, we both were, but we're OK. We had a wonderful holiday in India afterwards, no replacement, of course, but still absolutely fantastic and something we've always wanted to do. I'm writing this sitting on the bed in a lovely little room in a country hotel in Dorset. Lucy is wearing nothing but a silk slip and is making my heart ache with love and desire. She's packing up a knapsack with champagne, chocolates and a big rug. It's a beautiful warm summer evening. In an hour or so we'll creep out into the night and make our way up the hill to the great and ancient chalk giant's penis. It might work, it might not. Either way, I can't wait." This is the last letter in the book from Sam to himself. I think this is a good way to finish the book because they have just been back together for six months, this letter rounds up everything that has happened since they got back together, and it leaves the reader wondering what is going to happen to them in the future. When I finished this book I was actually quite annoyed because I did not want it to finish like this, without telling me how it turns out, and I wanted there to be a book carrying on from this book about their life when they have their child, maybe. 1 ...read more.

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