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Informative article about shark behavior.

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English CAS, Period 7 Informative article about shark behavior. Are sharks really killers from the deep? A recent study shows that sharks are nothing more than big fish, some with large teeth, and a sly grin. These predatory animals may look frightening to humans, but they try to avoid us. Sharks are without a doubt carnivorous and predatory, but they rarely attack humans. Worldwide there are less than a hundred shark attacks on humans (as reported by the International Shark Attack File). Studies show that dogs kill more people each year than Great White Sharks have killed in the last hundred years. Sharks are just misunderstood animals. Humans are in most cases just too big for them to eat. ...read more.


This may frighten many beachgoers but the fin is just used a stabilizer. It keeps the shark from rolling onto its side when swimming. The dorsal fin is also a distinctive feature that helps us recognize that there is a shark swimming nearby. Another important pair of fins is the pectoral fins. The pectoral fins are located behind the gills near the head of the shark. These fins allow the shark to move up or down in the water. The other important fin is the caudal fin. This fin propels the shark through the water with a side-to-side motion. Sharks may look dangerous, but they really try to stay out of your way. The Great White Shark has a behavior that is very unusual is not found in any other shark. ...read more.


Sharks have a very unique sense of sight. When a shark is about to attack its prey, its eyelid lowers, in order to protect the sharks eye. There are over three-hundred different kinds of sharks. The Great White Shark is not the only type of shark that roams the oceans of the world. Other sharks include: the white tipped shark, leopard shark, port Jackson shark, nurse shark, woebegone shark, hammerhead shark, angel shark, and many others! Some can be dangerous to humans, but most are not. It seems to me that there are two main views on sharks: Those that think there are hundreds of Great White Sharks waiting to eat people at the shoreline and those that think that sharks are not really dangerous and want to pet them. Most sharks are completely harmless and have to intention of harming humans. ...read more.

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