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Injected Ideaologies

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Introduction - Scalpel and scissors. Is anyone else out there completely suffocating in this toxic waste of society? An era that yearns for pathetic, unfair ideologies of perfection. A world populated by self obsessed, blonde sheep that have no knowledge except the whereabouts to the best detox bar in the country. A rat race of starvation because of media institutions spoon feeding us Paris Hilton and Kate Moss and brain washing us to believe this is how we should look. Why this anarchy with one self I hear you ask? 'Perfection'. Yes, perfection. Some of us starve for it, kill for it, hell some of us have died for it but what is perfection? Does it even exist? Are these tall, intimidating, stick-like skeletal frames that we believe ideal really the best role models? And if not why do the images in the media signify such things? I am offering a ticket to the harsh reality of achieving flawless beauty through fatal mediums. To witness the struggles of those so far from their goal of being a size '0' that even their bodies have given up on them. ...read more.


Katieprice.co.uk Katie Price (Jordan) is a prime example. She started her career as a glamour model and was on to a line of success but soon things went downhill after her new found addiction to going under the knife. Her first surgery allowed her breasts to be enhanced from a C cup to an F cup. But was it really necessary? Katie felt that insecure about her status as a model she felt the need to improve her breasts dramatically to become a world wide sex icon. What really caused her to do it? Something must have hit her hard. Her own pressure to improve her breast size soon led to a series of addiction to surgeries that have made her ahead of her game but Katie, realising how ill and stupid she has been from it regrets going under the knife, "I tell you what - anyone reading this, just stay natural because I've been through all this and look at the state of me... They [botched] up my boobs and they [botched] up my teeth and I've been in pain for six weeks." ...read more.


This is not helped by Pro Anorexia and Bulimia cult websites such as 'Pro -Ana' and 'Mia'. These websites originally claimed to be supportive for those suffering from the disorders but have instead glamorised and advertised them and made them more underground making them harder to treat. Kate Moss was recently quoted on saying a slogan from the sites, "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". Once again, these role models are meant to destroy these idealologies not sell them. My task? To represent these images in stylised and emotional imagery to make you empathise with the hard hitting gritty realism of the sufferers of insecurity and allow my audience to relate to them. I aim to shock the audience with horrifying imagery and camouflage metaphors. Before I do this I am going to look at the works or Austin Young and Lara Jade in terms of their ideas of perfection and the suffocation to achieve it. Although their styles are different, both artists have a link between the pressure of being flawless and the glamorised idea of being perfect. Word Count: 899 words ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Sheree Fadil ...read more.

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