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Interview With Macbeth

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English Coursework Macbeth Hello Macbeth Hello Reporter Now Macbeth, What were your immediate thoughts and feeling towards what the three witches had to say to you? I wanted to know more about what they had to say I wanted to know how I was going to become the king and how I was going to become the thane. Why did you need to know how you was going to become the thane, did you not already know? NO. Knew that the then was still alive and the king was still alive. I did not understand what was going to happen. ...read more.


So was it your wife that pushed you into this? No not really I had thought of it, ways that I could be crowned King and this was this was the simplest way that I could think of, it would be the quickest way as well Did you have any remorse for Duncan? No I had to do it, if I hadn't of done it he would still be king now. Do you think that it was the right thing to do or are you wishing that you had never done it, are you sure you should have done it? ...read more.


All hail Macbeth, hail to thee Thane of Cowdar All hail Macbeth, Hail to Thee King Here after" What did you think when they said the said these strange words to you? Well I wanted the to stay a bit longer, to tell me what was meant by what they had said, I didn't quite understand what they had told me. So you didn't Know what the was trying to put across to you? I knew that they was telling me that I was gong to be the next king, but I didn't know how I mean that the king was still alive and all I just didn't know how any of this was going to happen. ...read more.

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