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Irish Ports - Political concerns.

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Case Study Irish Ports Political, Politics are a concern for all companies Irish Ports are no exception. It is politics that govern the way Irish Ports is managed. It is guidelines set by the governments and the E.U that the companies have to follow whether it has a positive or negative affect. Normally careful consideration is used to decide how much of an affect the new proposal may cause, be it positive or negative. If it is decided that at first the affect is negative but will recover over a period of time, the change will be introduced. This has affected Irish Ports because of a programme introduced to try and help it, by investing IR�163million. The hope of this investment was to try and bring about a reduction in combined port and shipping costs. A review group from the E.U noticed that there were problems and suggested four points that could be considered to try bringing Irish Ports up to speed with the rest of Europe. One of these was Privatisation. This can sometimes be more of a problem than a solution. This is because if the company became privatised it means they become owned by investors and if they all decide that their investment was a mistake they may decide to pull out. ...read more.


This option is soon cancelled out because with the reduction in prices there is a reduction in profits. To compensate for this, wages may have to be decreased, or the company will have to start making people redundant. With Ireland being a member of the E.U it is affected by the laws made by the other members. An example of this would be the abolishment of "Duty Free Sales". When this law was brought into action, the sale prices of items such as Cigarettes and Alcohol went up. This meant that the prices of these items on the ferry were no different to those on the mainland. This cut of a major part of the markets straight away. By this I mean there were many people who used the ferries to get to Europe not because of the price to get on but for the chance of buying duty free. This blow did not just affect the drop in sales of popular items such as the cigarettes and alcohol but in the actual bookings on the ferries themselves. People decided that because there was no duty free there was not much appeal of being on a ferry for numerous hours when it was quicker and easier to use other modes of transportation. ...read more.


The more and more efficient a company is the smoother they are, and the better the consumers feel. An example of technology would be computers and the Internet. Due to this amazing piece of technology companies can expand their markets and sell themselves all over the world. Thanks to computers businesses become a lot easier to manage because everything needed is stored on the computers. The use of E-Mail is a great gift for small and large companies alike. This is because communication becomes so much easier. You are able to make contact with other parts of your company in different countries with ease. With the E-Mail system you can send copies of documents or photographs to those who require it, with no complications. Technology has provided Irish Ports with a super ferry or the Lynx. The introduction of this new ferry has dramatically cut the time to cross between Rosslaire to Fishguard down to under two hours. However because of the design of this super ferry it becomes less efficient in the slightest of swells. But the introduction of the Lynx ferry has caused a stir in the market making people realise that a journey on a ferry may take less time than first expected. If the market could have more of these types of ferries introduced it could mean a brighter future for Irish Ports. ...read more.

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