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Irreconcilable Differences in Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea

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Irreconcilable Differences in Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea Differences between women in Charlotte Bronte?s Jane Eyre and Jean Rhys? Wide Sargasso Sea can cause pain which can lead to tragedies. Throughout both novels; females have had differences with other females, especially when it is between children and maternal figures. Mothers are said to be role models and have unconditional love for their daughters however in these two novels it seems not. In Jane Eyre, irreconcilable differences are presented between Jane and Mrs Reed. Mrs Reed is her auntie but is not blood related. Jane?s real mother died when Jane was very young and so Mrs Reed has raised her but in a very distant and cold hearted way. In Wide Sargasso Sea Annette is Antoinette?s biological mother but she treats her as an outsider. Antoinette?s life is shaped by her relationship with her mother. She is defined by her. In my extract, Jane is at Gateshead once again but as a mature, young woman. Mrs Reed is at her death bed and has requested to see Jane. She tells Jane to read a letter which is from an uncle from the Eyre side of the family. Mrs Reed has hidden this because of her jealousy towards Jane. ...read more.


I could not say ?He is dead?. Those three simple words are too hard for her to say. She does not want to upset her mother because she cares for her. But I am here, I am here. The repetition shows her desperation for her mothers love. ?No, no no? very loudly and flung me from her. The repetition shows that Annette is thinking to herself as well as saying this. It suggests there is aggression in her tone. This is the moment of loss of home and abandonment of sanity and the real world. I fell against the partition and hurt myself. She is rejected by her mother and is her hurt both physically and emotionally. Jane visits Mrs Reed alone. She is more independent then Antoinette. I had insisted that Christophine must be with me, no one else. She finds comfort and security when Christophine is with her. Christophine is another motherly figure. Antoinette isn?t comfortable with other people. She doesn?t trust them. Rhys shows the irreconcilable differences of with Annette a failed mother. Aunt Cora and Christophine are doing better but still not providing enough to nurture Antoinette?s life. Bronte exposes pride and jealousy in Mrs Reed. I disliked you too fixedly and thoroughly to lend a hand in lifting you to prosperity. ...read more.


Roles have swapped. The role reversal shows how different it is. I covered her ice-cold and clammy hand with mine. There is contrast in character. The sweaty and warmth contrast with the coldness. In Wide Sargasso Sea, on her journey to see her mother Antoinette says the dull feeling as we drove along. She sounds emotionless and deadened. She was part of Coulibri, that had gone so she had gone. Rhys shows that she is part of the past and tragedy. This suggests that Antoinette feels like she doesn?t have her mother. I was certain of it. She is confident of her own opinion. We reached the tidy pretty little house. The three simple adjectives show the contrast with Coulibri. Where she lived now (they said). She may not think this but it is just what other people say about the place. I jumped out of the carriage and ran as fast as I could show the desperation and enthusiasm of her chance to see her mother. Jane presents herself in a very positive life in her own narrative. This is a sense of selective memory implied by Bronte to shows that Jane thinks of herself about the good thing of her and avoids her negatives. Antoinette is presented by Rhys in a more realistic way by showing positives and negatives. In both novels the relationship with the motherly figures is unbalanced and love and affection is wanted but not experienced. ...read more.

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