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Is Football Hooliganism The English Disease?

Extracts from this document...


Is Football Hooliganism The English Disease? By Jack Kirwin Contents Page 1 - Introduction Page 2/3/4/5 - My Findings Page 5 - My Questionnaire Page 6/7/8/9/10/11/12 - My Questionnaire Results Page 13/14 - After My Questionnaire Page 15/16 - Gathering Secondary Information Page 17/18 - Evaluation Of Sources Used Page 19/20 - Conclusion Page 21 - Final Evaluation Introduction For my personal research study I have chosen to look at football hooliganism. I have chosen to look at this topic because I think it is something that needs to be addressed. My main hypothesis is "Is football hooliganism the English disease?" To help me answer this question I will need to ask that as a primary question on my questionnaire to find out the public opinion. I will also need to ask the following secondary questions: "Have you ever witnessed football hooliganism?" and "What do you class as football hooliganism?" these questions will also help me to gain a greater understanding of the publics opinion. To help me in my study I hope to collect information from a wide range of sources such as newspapers, questionnaires, letter responses, TV, interviews and the Internet. I will try to select the relevant information from all of my sources, and try to organise it logically. I hope to make my study interesting by presenting the information in a wide variety of forms as possible, including graphs, pictures, information sent back in letters and from the Internet. My Findings Here, I intend to interpret and explain every piece of in formation that I used in my study. Sir Norman Chester's Fact sheet 1: Football and Football Hooliganism: * Figure 3. ...read more.


Have ever witnessed football hooliganism? This graph shows that more men than women have witnessed football hooliganism. What do you class as football hooliganism? As you can see from this graph, everybody questioned, apart from 2 people said they class physical violence as football hooliganism, the ratio of male-female is about the same showing that both sexes have the same views on the matter. How many times have you witnessed football hooliganism? As you can see, most females have only witnessed football hooliganism 1 to 3 times, whereas the majority of men have witnessed it 4 to 9 times. This could mean that a lot of women don't go to football matches very often, therefore there experience of football hooliganism is limited. What do you think should be done about football hooliganism? The graph shows that a high percentage of men think the offenders of football hooliganism should be fined and/or banned. What percentage of football hooliganism do you think is related to alcohol consumption? It was very interesting to see that so many men thought between only 0-25% of football hooliganism was related to alcohol consumption. Do you think football hooliganism is the English disease? The graph shows that women in general don't believe that football hooliganism is the English disease, whereas a lot of men seem to think it is. Which countries do you think suffer most from football hooliganism? As shown in the graph, a large amount of people think England suffers the most with football hooliganism, but in some cases this may not be right as many people haven't witnessed football hooliganism abroad, and may just be making assumptions. ...read more.


Galatasaray where murdered during fights after the game. Overall evaluation I feel that my methods of carrying out the project were very successful, and that I got a lot of information from a wide range of sources. If I could, I would of liked to of surveyed 100 people in my questionnaire as this would probably have given me a wider range of results an possibly would have been more accurate. I think that I did enough research; I got information from four sources: * Questionnaires. * Letters received from football clubs. * Information from the Internet. * My interview with Graham Rodger. I feel that I could have managed my time a lot better. The part of the project I enjoyed most was completing the questionnaires as it gave me a chance to find out the public opinion. The only problem I encountered during this project was leaving it until the last minute to complete it. As I previously stated, I would of liked to have handed out 100 questionnaires to gain a wider range of results. I would also have written to all 92 English league football clubs, but this would have been both time consuming and expensive. In all honesty, I think I could of done a lot better in this project, but if I were to do another project I would still choose the same topic but I think I would have chose a different hypothesis, as I couldn't get a lot of information on the one I chose (is football hooliganism the English disease?), I would probably have chosen something to the effect of "Do you think hooliganism still plays a major part in football today" I feel this would have been a lot easier to answer. By Jack Kirwin ...read more.

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