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Is it possible to think without language? To what extent does language extend or even limit language?

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Is it possible to think without language? To what extent does language extend or even limit language? Nowadays language is very important because we depend on it to think and communicate with other people everyday. Language has the power to control what we know, change our identity, etc. Language is very powerful on humans. The meaning of language is communication by labeling our thoughts. Language is need for us to think. Our mind cannot think or imagine if there are no descriptions or label to transfer it so, we use the power of language. E.g. when we see a screen transmitting images we called it a television. ...read more.


E.g. For instance, the moon appears at night , its in the sky and its beautiful, we call it the moon instead of "it appears on the sky at night". By calling it moon it makes a lot easier the communication with each other. Also by calling it a moon we differentiated the moon from the stars or clouds which appear at night too. Knowledge and values differ with every language, the aspect of language is a universal as human culture itself. Every person since the beginning of human existence has used some form of language to communicate to each other. ...read more.


The language of politicians can alter the expectations of the people, influencing them to vote for them. This means that politicians use the power of language to control people's toughts to their advantage. All the labels within any language have a role in the way we, as human beings, think and process our experiences. With the direct control that language possess over thoughts, a person could easily control other disciplines to their advantage. However, not only words and labels themselves have an influence on our minds but also the way they are said can have an influence of how we identify people. ...read more.

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