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Is Life worth living?

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Is Life worth living? A question that raises so much controversy that we have to venture deep into the depths of our own hearts to salvage the opinion of oneself. Despite every one of us knows that someday we will receive our final ultimatum, man as a race has always been in search of a resolution; a meaning to life. ...read more.


After considering this, it once again brings back to my opening question; is life worth living? What is the significance of life, it's purpose? Because after all, if all of us are to have no effect on the life of our descendants, to be forgotten, why should man even live? To the majority though, such a question has never really occurred to them, and if it has, the chances are that they forgot it through fear, disbelief, or just plain forgetfulness. ...read more.


Man had become the head of the food chain and the talons of birds, using his great intelligence and strength. After having won all battles, he claimed the earth as his own and from here on in, was to determine what had been, and what was to become. Then, the realisation struck him: that he would die one day just like his father, and his father before him. He knew that the day would come when, his arms would become weak, his eyes dim and before long, sleep and never wake up. ...read more.

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