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Is the love between Romeo and Juliet true?

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Is the love between Romeo and Juliet true? In the classic tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet we appose the question "was the love true between the two characters?" There are many scenes in the play that show the compassion and understanding of Romeo and Juliet's love. This compassion could be mistaken for infatuation, love at first sight, or something more meaningful such as destiny. This tragic play is written by William Shakespeare, in the 16th century and this beautifully demonstrates how people of the opposite sex act towards each other. The strong character-Romeo is part of the Montague family, willing to fight for his family and the people he loves. Juliet is part of the Capulet family; her character is seen to be very sensitive and alone as she was neglected by her parents and so was raised by her nurse. There has been an existent feud between the two families for years. Therefore a dilemma was presented as the result of Romeo and Juliet's passionate love. The dilemma is that both lovers do not want to disappoint their respective families, nor do they want to disappoint each other. ...read more.


Throughout the play Romeo and Juliet have been loyal to each other. When Romeo has been banished, he sees this as another obstacle which they would have to defeat. Romeo is banished from Verona as he killed a Capulet for his own family. Juliet is engaged to Paris, who is a family friend who truly cares for the Capulet family. Juliet is willing to marry Romeo because of her love for Romeo-naturally. Juliet gets no support from her mother or nurse about her decision and lord Capulet (her own father) threatens her. "Hang thee, young baggage disobedient wretch!" "And you be not, hang, beg, starve, die in the streets..." This shows the immense pressure Juliet is under, having to deal with the pressures of her family's hate for the Montague's and still being able to be in love with Romeo. Despite her dilemma she attempts to please both sides, demonstrating the equal importance she places on them both. The balcony scene is the scene which most people remember in the play simply because it is very romantic. This demonstrates how Shakespeare wants us to believe true and romantic love. ...read more.


It has nothing to do with emotions and feelings. She believes you can grow to love someone. Juliet's mother knows this from her own experiences. Romeo, at the beginning of the play was very much in love with Rosaline and was very sad that she was going to live a chaste life. Benvolio tried to cheer Romeo up but he was very upset and confused as he talks in oxymoron, examples of which are, "O loving hate", "serious vanity", this shows Romeo's confusion. This shows that Romeo and Juliet's love was true, because he could get over Rosaline but not Juliet. It is made clear that Juliet would be the only woman he would die for. Romeo and Juliet's love is true love to such an extent they show selfishness towards their families by dying willingly, not considering how much more of a feud it would cause between the two families. They show their love to each other in various ways comparing each other to the great nature; displaying their pointlessness in living if they weren't together, and furthermore never quitting on each other although their familial lives were in turmoil. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dipanjit Vig 1 ...read more.

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