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Is written language superior to speech

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Is written language superior to speech? English language has two main features; it can be presented in a written form or in the form of speech. Hence, the debate on the topic of which form of language is more significant than the other is becoming greater as time is passing. This is because more and more new technology is being created by the day to help people who are unable to speak or others who are unable to write. And, the use of these proves they can lead a normal life without the feature of English which they are incapable of using. Language can be spoken by all people naturally from a young age. And, also if this language is not one which is of a mother tongue then it can still be learnt from the presence of other people speaking this foreign language. ...read more.


When a person writes more their speech is improved as they gain knowledge of new words and they begin using these in everyday speech. This is an advantage as more formal language is used in writing therefore it makes a vast effect on the way a person speaks. This allows an individual to distinguish whether the person they are talking to is educated. This is why written language is more significant than speech as writing helps improve speech so if there was not a form of writing then speech would be unable to be enhanced for the better. Writing is a skill which is needed for everything as the vast majority of occupations require a person to be able to write to a decent standard. Speech is also important but without being able to write an employee would find it difficult recalling things. The skill of writing is generally more important in high status professions such as rulers, lawyers and doctors. ...read more.


Also shop names are there 2 define which shop is which if there were no signs we would not be able to recognise from one another. This is another reason why writing is much more effective than speech. Writing is generally neat and structured into paragraphs and sentences; whereas speech is not structured at all as it is sometimes constant but then can change rapidly. Speech also uses a lot facial expressions and body language which may give off the wrong idea to a person. However, written language is straight to the point and only says what needs to be told. In conclusion, written language has many more advantages compared to speech. It hardly has any disadvantages whereas speech does. I think written language should officially be seen as it is superior to speech. This would make sense as there is a lot of proof that without writing, speech could not be as advanced as it is. ?? ?? ?? ?? Raeesah Adam 08/05/2007 ...read more.

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