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It is extremely important when mountain walking to have the correct equipment especially when walking for a long period of time in rough terrain. One of the first things we talked about with the instructors

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On the 13th of October we went to Gilwern education centre to take part on an expedition on which I have created a logbook. My group To ensure the safety of our group we had an experienced mountain walker who was also one of our favourite PE teachers Mr Baton. Our group also consisted of 2 females and 3 males including myself. Ryan Vose Hobbies: Ryan is a keen rugby player and enjoys going to the gym and socialising. Strengths: Due to playing a lot of rugby Ryan worked well in team situations and could take control in certain situations. James Williams Hobbies: James also plays a lot of rugby and he has a job as a waiter in a posh restaurant. Strengths: His strengths consisted of his physical fitness and his organisation. Tasha Williams Hobbies: Tasha is a keen chess player and is a devoted Christian. Strengths: Tasha throughout the mountain walk was organised and new where we were going next. Rachel Pearce Hobbies: Rachel plays a lot of netball and loves to read comic books. Strengths: Rachel was enthusiastic and motivational and kept us on our toes through out the walk. ...read more.


Conventional signs Maps use standard set symbols, the conventional signs, to depict the features of the landscape. The symbols used on one map scale, such as 1:50,000 will be different from another scale, such as 1:25,000. To be sure that you know what the symbols on your map mean there is a key on every map at the bottom or side. Contour lines A contour line is an imaginary line on the surface of the Earth connecting points of equal elevation. One contour line represents 10 meters, which could be, decrease or increase in altitude; you have to look at the numbers on the map. Every fifth contour is a darker brown than those around it. In practice this means that every 50m there is a darker line - handy when you are calculating height gain or loss of a particular route. The closer the contour lines are together the steeper the land is and a minute is added in walking time for every line you cross as it will take longer walking up or down hill. Patterns Even spacing between the lines - shown a smooth, gentle slope. Close together at the top, then the wider towards the bottom - shows a concave slope. ...read more.


We then got our stuff ready and went to the dining area where we had breakfast. After breakfast we got our equipment (waterproofs ect.) ready and met up at the mini busses. Ensuring that we had every thing that we needed for the walk we drove off to the drop off point. The next 4 1/2 hours we were walking following our route card, which at some points got tricky, as there was heavy fog and misleading features. After walking for 4 1/2 hours we met up at the buses and drove back to the centre. We then cleaned off our waterproofs and gave the equipment back. We then packed up our clothes cleaned the dorms and headed to the main building where we waited for our coach to take us back to Bassaleg. Conclusion As a group we worked very well as we had a mixture of strengths and characters. I personally thought that I did all right as I could fins where I was on the map the majority of the time and where I was going. The conditions we worse than they were when I went in year 11 and it showed me how it can vary your ability to walk to your destination. Overall I enjoyed the 2-day and would like to do it in A2 and look forward to the camping. ...read more.

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