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It is midnight, there are distant bangs and surprisingly the giant rats are eating away at some other soldiers' boots.

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It is midnight, there are distant bangs and surprisingly the giant rats are eating away at some other soldiers' boots. I am writing this brief diary because I don't know if I will survive this mess. I haven't done much in life but I want anyone who reads this to know what the soldier, Mr J Woppe was doing in, hopefully not the last days of his life... June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary and his daughter were shot by a terrorist linked to a group called the Black Hand. I read that they wanted to be separated Austro-Hungarian Empire and basically be free. This set off what is known as World War 1. How all the countries came into the war is hard to explain but I should be able to let you understand in these 5 steps: 1. The murder at Sarajevo - 28th June 1914 2. Austro-Hungarian gunboat shelled Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro's capital and largest city.) - 28th July 1914 3. Germany declares war on Russia - 1st August 1914 4. Germany declares war on France - 3rd August 1914 5. ...read more.


up to rest on the sandbags The war for everyone was dragging and most of the time the general would send soldiers 'over the top.' If you were ordered to go over the top you were expected to get out of your trench and cross no mans land to attack enemy trenches. My friend Jack was ordered to go over the top and he was shot in a blink of an eye, but he was just one out of a thousand that were mown down by a machine gun. Fortunately I haven't been asked and I hope I never will... While being in the trenches my health has deteriorated. Fighting in northern France where the atmosphere is damp, the rotting bodies give off nauseating smells and the flesh eating rats carry rabies and all sorts of diseases I had my fair share of illnesses. The main ones were colds and chest complaints, and most troops suffered 'trench-feet' a painful swelling of the toes which was the result of never being able to keep their feet dry. I was also one of the soldiers that suffered body lice and had to attend de-lousing stations as soon as I was pulled back out of the line to rest for a few days. ...read more.


During these 3 years, I my few friends have been injured badly or killed from these things, just to name a few: * Sharp pieces of flying shrapnel * Lice eating into your skin * Rats chewing through your rations * Skin peeling off * Stray shells that kill * The stink from dead bodies * The face is swollen from insect bites and to get away the itch you scratch your face down to the bone. * Cut rations, just to name a few... Personally however brave we are suppose to be I really just want this war to stop. Even though I have no wife and kids and many of the other soldiers don't, don't we deserve to live? My greatest fear of being a soldier is just being one. The expectancy of killing someone else, the hatred, and I was brought by my parents not to murder. The way that everyone is turning against everyone is just wrong. Anyway I need to get some sleep, my friends are and it seems that it is going to be a rough night - though nothing compared to what is going to happen tomorrow. General Writing, This trench has been bombed and the soldier has died. He has represented his country and Britain is proud of him. May God bless him in by being a martyr for us. General Ficketts ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level War Poetry section.

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