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'It is the generic flexibility of The Tempest that makes it such an interesting play for an audience.' Explore how The Tempest plays with genre.

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'It is the generic flexibility of The Tempest that makes it such an interesting play for an audience.' Explore how The Tempest plays with genre. The Tempest encompasses many genres. These include: Tragedy, Comedy and Romance. However overall The Tempest is most commonly known as a Tradgicomedy, which encompasses all these genres by having multiple plots within the play, which are then linked together to make the overall play. The plot suggests that the play is a tragedy by which there is a scene in which much destruction takes place and the themes of death and downfall are seen. However it could be seen as a comedy because there is a lot of disjunction, because it starts with the wrecking of the royal ship on the rock of an island. Commotion is a major part of this. While all this happens Miranda looks on from the island and comments on the wreckage as 'a brave vessel-Who had, no doubt, some noble creature in her-Dashed all to pieces!' As this is the beginning of the play we can only assume that in the confusion the ship had crashed on the rocks and while doing so all aboard her had been killed. ...read more.


Sea-water shalt thou drink; they food shall be The fresh-brook mussels, withered roots, and husks,' Miranda takes part in the first confrontation in order to make sure Prospero does not treat Ferdinand too harshly, she says, 'Make not too rash a trial of him'. At the start of the Second act the main body of the Royal party emerges and first to speak is Gonzalo who is very optimistic, nearly humorous, in his optimism. He says everyone should 'be merry' because they all survived the ordeal, and it is 'but for a miracle' that they survived. Sebastian and Antonio then tell jokes amongst themselves about Gonzalo's behaviour. They continue to be quick of tongue and make comments that the audience would have found funny. ADRIAN 'The air breathes upon us here most sweetly.' SEBASTIAN 'As if it had lungs, and rotten ones.' GONZALO 'How lush and lusty the grass looks! How green!' ANTONIO 'The ground indeed is tawny.' We find that Alonso thinks that his son is dead, because he has found most of the rest of his Royal party except for his son the Prince Ferdinand. ...read more.


They seem to have a competition in which they compete for who can give each other the most adoring complement. What Ferdinand and Miranda do not know is that Prospero is being a kind and loving father in setting up his daughter with Ferdinand. He is fully aware of what he is doing and has control over it although it does not seem as in fact this is true. Ferdinand promises to marry Miranda and since Alonzo seemingly is dead it makes Ferdinand king. They make regeneration possibilities on such a small island and tears, a pure physical response are bared. In Act three Scene two Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo are preparing to overthrow Prospero and become the owners of the island with Caliban to help them, as he knows where everything is and where the wood is and where the water is. In scene three we find Gonzalo weakened and demoralised because he is exhausted and Alonso because he as lost his son, in this last scene Prospero enacts the punishments that he has been building up to. We find that Prospero sorts out all the characters, and there is a marriage between Miranda and Ferdinand that is settled. He also re-unites all the characters in the play and brings them all together for the final scene. ...read more.

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