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It's all over now - What did we think about it?

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It's All Over Now What Did We Think About It? For The Past Five Weeks the world has been permeate by The 'Great' World Cup. The World Cup is probably the most prevalent global event today. It's an event of precision, skill, talent, desire and passion. It's a joyful event for both fans and competitors but sometimes violence rears it's ugly head due to desired victory for your countries team. During the World Cup Period there has also been a sub era that was just as strong if not stronger and that was that of 'Sven's Men'. Yes, The England side. the exact side that was in doubt of making it into the tournament let alone making it out of 'The Group of Death' Which also featured the likes of Nigeria, Argentina and Sweden. But 'The Lions' Did it, even beating Denmark three goals to nil. With most of the favoured teams to win the tournament out, England were without a doubt one of the favourites. Two Games away from the Final, and three from the World Cup - Could England defeat Brazil? I have accumulated about seven different articles each talking about England's World Cup Campaign, it's my assignment to analyse and compare them. ...read more.


has many other perceptions of England's World Cup Campaign. The article reviewed prior to this one was based on the dawning of a more mature nation, whereas the writer of this article expresses his dissent for the sudden change of attitude. "As for the present World Cup, it's been a bitter disappointment - and that has nothing to do with Friday's game. This is a quote taken from the editorial which proves his contempt for the new found maturity in England as a soccer nation. In fact as a person who doesn't care too much for football, he relies on Soccer Hooligan's to help prove the bad influence it has on people. He clearly shows his disappoint with the statement... "...we have been let down badly." The article was swaying from his disappointment to even questioning the disappearance of strident nationalism. It is written as if he wanted the hooligans of English football to reek havoc. Would this nature of opinion come from a fellow English man? That's still yet to be seen as John Humphreys is Welsh. He even questioned why the Japanese showed approval of England despite their history - past wars. ...read more.


Learning to love glorious failure This is the closest article to actually discussing the match but it is still more of a TV Review. This article is one of the few if not the only article that hasn't praised England's behaviour as a nation. It was written by Martin Kelner for The Guardian. It briefly goes over past disappointments and that our children need to prepare for disappointments in English football. But the article details more on ITV, speaking of the pundits and their interesting remarks regarding the match. The title speaks for it self as the article is partly learning to accept and grow with 'glorious failure'. I was assigned to analyse and compare these articles, to look into the media of this particular aspect of the World Cup. Most of the articles I had gathered were very similar in content so I chose not analyse them all but the articles which viewed things with a different perspective. I noticed that they all tended not to talk of the match itself but drew our attention to positive sides of the Brazil victory over England. It consisted more of the Nation's good behaviour and to be proud of what England has done. However one article displayed total negativity towards Football as a whole especially English football. Name: Daniel W.O. Mfon Form: 10E - 1 - ...read more.

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