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Its in the Stars.

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Its in the Stars The traditional meaning of the star sign Aries is self-assertive, brave, energetic and pioneering. I was born on the 13th April and once a little Aries enter the family it will never be the same. We are natural born leaders and born competitors. Even though I am the youngest, I am never usually found without my competitive nature. It all began when my sister and I had competitions to see who could kiss Mummy the most; I would usually win, as an Aries is usually more in control than a child born under the star of Cancer. It then moved on to things like arguments, playing board games and sport competitions this was a key time to see who would rule the other. Even before birth the mother of a little Aries will constantly be aware, by more than a fair share of baby movement and restless kicking. Little Aries see life as one great game for us to win and we don't take no for an answer and we don't take none of this old stiffed-lipped 'learn to be a good loser' stuff. ...read more.


Schooling is a long time in an Aries book though, and attention will wax and wane throughout the years. Rarely doings things by halves, I will come top of the class one year and bottom the next, but what you really can bet on though is that when matters are tough young Rams will pull stops and come charging home with honours. My life has been a lot like this, I have never been top in my class but when it came to an important exams to get into a school I usually did well. Getting into Tiffin Girls' School was one of the best times of my life and I have never thought for a moment, what if I hadn't taken the exam. I have great friends; teachers and the work is fun without out me getting fed up. My birthday is part of the third decanate. This is the expansive pioneer. Most Rams are constantly on the move but this one takes it to the extreme. We are the most adventurous travellers of the entire zodiac, both mentally and physically. ...read more.


It is said than Librans enjoy being with the three fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The Libra takes life at a slow pace and is energised by my lively behaviour and we complement each other's personalities well. My father, a Sagittarius is the person I should get on like a house on fire with because we are both fire sign. Even though we are both adventurous, sometimes Sagittarians can be too outgoing. Cancer is my sister's star sign. Cancerians see Ariens like sources of bewilderment. They will have the same drive of ambition but will be frightened by our daredevil tendencies. In the future I hope that my life will be as rewarding and enjoyable as it has been so far and as a fellow Arien I will let nothing stand in my way. I will try to maintain my level of animation and that when it comes to growing old I will be just the same as I am now. Life only comes once and if I must live it as an Arien then may I be just as assertive, brave, energetic and pioneering as the Ram itself. Ali Barker 10B Its in the Stars ...read more.

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