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Janet Frame Towards Another Summer" Chapter 15 Analysis Essay

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English Exam Essay Janet Frame - Towards Another Summer Essay Question: Comment in detail on the effects of the writing in the following passage, focusing in particular on the ways in which Frame's narrative methods shape the situation Plan: 1/ Introduction 4/ Imagery/Atmosphere/Juxt. 7/Conclusion/PR 2/ Long Extensive Syntax 5/ Vivid Tone 3/ Parallel Characterization 6/ Repetition of Domesticity What is it that makes Towards Another Summer so enticingly powerful? Although Janet Frame self-deprecatingly considered her novel to be 'embarrassingly personal', in fact, its captivating personal nature is where the novel's power derives from; where through Grace Cleave, Frame bravely explores her mental illness, difficult childhood and her migratory conflicts with identity and place. Such a brave exploration is evident throughout the novel, including when Grace and the Thirkettles venture out into the Winchley market in the novels 15th chapter. Here, Frame uses her signature narrative methods of extensive syntax, parallel characterization, striking imagery, vivid tone and clever repetition to craft this significant event in Grace's 'weekend' of self-discovery and personal growth. ...read more.


and more sadly as an adult (with her constant delusion that she is a migratory bird). Readers who notice this parallel between Grace and Sarah acknowledge how Frame is ardent to show that like Grace's mental illness, her past is also inescapable no matter what situation she is in. In shaping the situation of the Winchley Market venture, Frame additionally shows how Grace's divided sense of place are persistent also, by using salient mood and imagery which contrasts with other parts of the novel. The atmosphere of the Market is described as "warm with bodies, steam, sweat, smells" with "rows of stalls...flashy jewellery and knick-knacks where a young man and woman were standing, staring at chocolate box picture." - thus crafting an environment of pleasantness and warmth. Readers should note how when Grace is with the Thirkettles and thinking of England she is always "warm", however when reminiscing in solitude of New Zealand she is cold ("immediately the chilling air surged near her" pg.83). Grace's feelings of warmth in England may well be symbolic of her relative happiness in the country, compared to the cold New ...read more.


Grace's perception of Phillip and Anne in this situation is clearly clouded with applied resonations with her own parents, where in contrast to her "shimmering as a mermaid", Grace "felt sorry for Anne. She guessed that Anne may might not have another chance during the week to buy the sheeting that children, house and home (and Ulysess) would be taking all her time" which purposely mirrors the greatly domestic role of Lottie who also made sacrifices for her family and Grace's strong guilt she felt for her hardworking mother. Grace's symbolism of Anne as her mother is matched with her dramatic perspective of her exchanges with Phillip, where she creates a tension between the two with conveyed tones of "mild disapproval", and "ashamed" emotions but more effectively her incessant repetition of domesticity including "a domestic dream", "domestic matters" and "Anne's eyes were clouded with what could only be described as domestic concern". Her identification of Phillip and Anne as her parents reflects her almost Freudian desire for new parents who would lovingly say to each other "-All right love" as the Thirkettles did. ...read more.

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