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Language and occupation

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Language & Occupation In this analysis I will be comparing two separate articles from 'The Sun' and the 'The Telegraph' in relation to Prince Harry's return to the UK from Afghanistan, dated 29/02/08 to 1/03/08. In the Sun's version of the story it starts with a perlocutionary speech act, 'HERO prince Harry touched down on British soil today after he was dramatically pulled out of Afghanistan' in this extract The Sun effects the readers feelings towards prince Harry, by labelling him as 'Hero Harry', so they are saying he is a British hero for going to Afghanistan and fighting for his country. Further more there is no Maxim of relevance in some of the Suns writing, they stray from the topic. 'Looking sunburnt and tired, Harry was seen chatting to fellow soldiers' this has no relevance to the opening statement, 'Hero Harry'. This has no relevance to why he is back in the UK from Afghanistan. Although the maxim of quality is true to the text, as we can see pictures of Prince Harry, 'Tired and Sunburnt'. ...read more.


Showing this The Suns target audience is possibly not for the more matured reader. The writings are very informal when in regards to the royal family, on several occasions. The article implies familiarity with the royal family as they refer the Princes of Wales as "Harry and Will". This code of familiarity is significantly different in the Telegraph that always refers the princes of Wales to Prince Harry and Prince William. The Sun, does not wish to share its sources, from where they obtain there stories, this takes away from the creditability of the article. This is poor maxim of quality as they have no adequate information from where they obtain or obtained their information. 'The Sun knows exact details of where and when Navy top brass are considering sending William' 'When Will joins the Navy he will have the lowest officer rank-sources said'. Where as in the Telegraph, there is a good example of maxim of quality and relation. 'A defiant prince Harry has arrived back in Britain, this morning after a media leak led to him being withdrawn 10 weeks into a 14 week tour of duty in ...read more.


Quotes that are used in the Telegraph are clearly sourced, from where they were obtained. 'A Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that his presence' where as the Sun never reveals the source of their information. For example 'We are very grateful to him for all the work he has done in Afghanistan - very grateful to all the soldiers in Afghanistan.' The Sun does not reveal its source. Through this analysis I have come to the conclusion that the Sun uses orally based vocabulary, and dramatic and sensational language to attract their target audience where as the Telegraph takes pride in its credibility through its correct use of terminology and its correct use of Grice's maxims whereas the Sun diverts to irrelevant information. The Telegraph also backs up its sources which makes the newspaper more reliable for the truth where's with the Sun doesn't reference it sources which makes you question the value of information written by the Sun. But on a positive note on the Sun it makes a more interesting read to the younger audience and keeps them interested by over used dramatised and informal use of lexis. ?? ?? ?? ?? AS English Language Language Analysis Linn Lewis ...read more.

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