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Learning foreign languages is becoming more and more popular and necessary nowadays. The aim of the report is to examine this area.

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To: Ministry of Education From: Robert Majchrzak Subject: Learning foreign languages among teenagers Date: 05 February, 2004. Purpose of the report. Learning foreign languages is becoming more and more popular and necessary nowadays. The aim of the report is to examine this area. I wanted to find out if people consider learning foreign languages easy or difficult and, which skills are problems for them. I was also interested in the reason why they want to study foreign languages, how they want to use them, which foreign languages they learn and for how long. Finally, I wanted to find out what the respondents think about the idea of creating one universal language for all the people in the world. My survey was carried out among 28 young people aged 17 - 18 years old. The respondents were both girls and boys (17 girls and 11 boys). All of them are secondary school students and they come from different social background. They live in villages or small town. Methodology used In today's fast - moving world the knowledge of foreign language is necessary. People, especially the young ones, should particularly interested in it. I wanted to find out what their understanding of this problem was, how they perceive it, what problem concerning learning foreign languages they have. ...read more.


Analyzing the results I realized that my respondents do usually not have problems with vocabulary because they learn regularly and this is why this area is easy for them. Those who find grammar the most difficult reported that there are too many tenses which are very similar to each other. It means that they are used to their own language grammar structures and adopting new structures and quite a different usage of tenses is very difficult for them. What may be understandable is the is the fact that nobody chose reading as a difficult skill. Respondents do not usually have problems with understanding texts because even if they find any difficult words they can understand them from the context or check their meaning in a dictionary. The next part of my survey was connected with the number of languages which my respondents learn and which languages are the most popular. A significant percentage of those who responded replied that they learn two languages. They are English and German. Only the minority of people who were surveyed replied that they learn more than two languages. The reason why most of the respondents learn two languages, is that they are obligatory at school. However, the length of time they have been learning these languages is very different. ...read more.


They have precise plans for their future. It should be taken into consideration that this kind of views are not usual among all the Polish teenagers. The results among young people who have lower educational ambitions may be different. The most unpredictable were the answers for the questions about the idea of creating one universal language for all the people in the world. It should be taken for granted that people who pay so much attention to learning foreign language and have to work so hard, would answer that one language for everyone is a good idea. Surprisingly, my survey gave evidence that young people identify the language with culture and they consider the culture much more important than other things. Almost one hundred per cent replied that one universal language would lead to the loss of their own culture and national identity. Limitations of the study Taking into consideration the fact that this survey was carried out among a limited number of respondents and they come from very limited area (only villages and small town), this research cannot be seen as a completely reliable source of information. This report shows that teenagers attending the secondary school have accurate preferences related to their views. The results are also limited because this questionnaire could not be too complicated. I wanted it to be easy and clear for the respondents. We should be aware of the fact that some information could have been given insincerely. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

A thoughtful analysis of report. Writer is aware of limitations of questionnaire and how it could be improved. More analysis of findings would be useful. Some repetition and at times lapses in expression make meaning unclear.

3 Stars

Marked by teacher Kate Dixon 23/10/2013

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