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Lewis Grassic Gibbons

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Sunset Song Essay Choose a novel in which the relationship between two characters deteriorates. Explain the reasons for this and while assessing the part each character plays in the deterioration. Make it clear where your sympathies lie. Lewis Grassic Gibbons "Sunset Song" contains two characters, Chris and Ewan, whose relationship deteriorates throughout the novel. The writer shows this deterioration through the various techniques that he employs. Plot is a major technique which Grassic Gibbons employs to portray the deteriation of the relationship between Chris and Ewan. The plot details the meeting of Chris and Ewan, describing Chris's initial opinion of him being a "course, dour brute", an indication of the English Chris. She knows him only through the local gossip of his involvement with Sarah Sinclair yet soon instinctively likes him. Chris's next encounter with Ewan is after the events of the fire at Peesie's Knapp. He kisses her but she doesn't realise it is him at the time. The kiss is described as being "dark, frightening and terrible in the winter road". Chris response is described as "kicked the man that held her...kicked him hard with her knee and then brought her nails down across his face...she kicked him again" During the night, she realises that she liked the kiss and her sexuality is awakened. ...read more.


She soon becomes pregnant with their child. Chris and Ewan then begin to argue and Chris hits Ewan and he retaliates by hitting her back. Chris runs away to the Standing Stones. During the later stages of her pregnancy, Chris and Ewan become closer and he becomes very protective of her. Chris soon gives birth to their soon who is also named Ewan Tavendale. Chris, Ewan and their son continue their lives until the effects of the First World War come to Kindraddie and Ewan has to enlist in the army. When Ewan returns home on leave, he is a completely changed man. He acts in an insulting manner towards her and rapes her. He returns to France after five days leave and Chris's life returns to normal. She later learns that Ewan has been killed as he was a deserter. The plot is effective in showing the deteriation of the relationship between Chris and Ewan as the author clearly describes the life that Chris and Ewan had and what they experienced during the deteriation. Another technique which is used to show how the relationship between Chris and Ewan deteriorates is characterisation. ...read more.


Theme is a further technique that the writer employs to detail the deterioration of the relationship between Chris and Ewan. The major theme of "Sunset Song" is change and this is a major factor in the deteriation of Chris and Ewan's relationship. Chris and Ewan's relationship is affected by external factors, the major one being the First World War which completely changes Ewan's characteristics and actions. It causes Ewan to act in a completely different way towards Chris as he is violent and insulting. Chris completely changes her feelings about him and it causes her to replace the love she had for him with a feeling of hatred. When he returns to France, she doesn't acknowledge him leaving. Theme is a major factor as it shows overall how change occurs and how the relationship changed. In conclusion, I feel more sympathy for Chris in the deteriation of her relationship with Ewan as she was not to blame for it. The war was the major cause in it which she could not have done anything about. Grassic Gibbons was very effective in portraying the deteriation of the relation of Chris and Ewan through his use of techniques. ...read more.

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