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Linguistic Analysis Of The iVillage Webpage

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Language & Technology Linguistic Analysis Of The 'iVillage' Webpage The 'iVillage' webpage uses a selection of linguistic techniques to attract and persuade a large audience to explore the site and keep visiting it, via being informative and more importantly usable. People talk about surfing the net and it's true; this leisurely idea of finding specific information is vital to sustain people's attention and efforts. This website uses a clear layout of advertising at the top of the page, the first area you look at. Then the clean and sophisticated, but locatable side menu is placed on the left, as people read from left to right, and finally the main and more in depth information is in the middle. This common layout works as users become familiar with where to find things making the whole process quicker. ...read more.


The page uses a picture of a stethoscope which immediately gives connotations of doctors and medical environments. Other graphology is used to enhance this, such as the way in which 'Solver', the key aim, is put in bold and 'symptom' in a transparent shade, as if it was being eliminated. Words are also used to relate back to the key topic, for example 'tool', 'health guide' and 'symptom solver'. Like people feel the need to have a trust in their doctor they have to feel secure when taking advice from this webpage. Honesty runs throughout the text, 'this is not intended to replace your physician' this also shows that the writers of the site are in agreement and on the same wave length as your usual doctor, a trustable body in society. ...read more.


The word 'village' used in the name of the site gives connotations of a friendly community. This atmosphere can also be seen in the informal lexis which contains educated information, making it approachable for a wide audience, yet maintaining honesty. Including the user is important; personal pronouns used in 'Are you healthy for your age?' making the audience feel the page is directed at them. The rhetorical question here is included to evoke thought and entice the user to feel like they should know; consequently they enter the link to find out more. Additionally page uses activities such as quizzes to draw the viewer in. Message boards and being a member of the site gives it a social element and implies others are in the same situations as you: a comforting thought, but primarily others using it gives the user confidence in the website and therefore they reuse it next time they have a problem to solve. ...read more.

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