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Loneliness in Of Mice and Men

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'LONELINESS' GEORGE SAYS 'GUYS LIKE US, THAT WORK ON RANCHES, ARE THE LONLINESS GUYS IN THE WORLD.' FOCUSING ON FOUR CHARACTERS EXPLORE THE THEME OF LONLINESS IN THE NOVEL REFER CLOSELY TO THE TEXT IN YOUR RESPONSES. Loneliness is the most significant theme throughout the book, Of Mice & Men.' We are reminded of it frequently in each of the personalities of the characters in the book. The theme of loneliness is significant in human behaviour. In the novel, the characters think of loneliness as something that every person is enduring. They think this as they do not know any different and have never been able to form long lasting relationships with anybody. People think of being lonely as a punishment for example, being in solitary confinement whereas the characters in the novel accept it. We all need to make relationships with friends and family members to get on in life and psychologically make people feel better about themselves. Although, we also often measure and value ourselves in terms of how other people relate to us. Loneliness is a very important theme in 'Of Mice & Men.' The storyline reflects what was really happening in America at that time. The Wall Street Crash in 1929 and subsequent depression saw mass unemployment in the 1930's. This forced men to travel for work, as they could not get any within the inner cities. Very often, this led them away from their friends and families and their local communities. This itinerant lifestyle meant that as the men were always moving away from places very frequently they would find it hard to form relationships with anybody. This is what led to the lonely lifestyles of the men working on the ranch. The men who work on the ranch all work in the fields during the day and sometimes go out in the evening. It may not seem like a lonely lifestyle at first, but the men working on the ranch are not there for long enough to form relationships with each other. ...read more.


This here's my room. Nobody got any right in here but me.' He would never normally question anybody or their actions but this situation is different. He knows that Lennie will never attempt to be horrible to anyone. Lennie does not understand the fact that Crooks is not wanted because of the colour of his skin. 'Why ain't you wanted?' Lennie's innocent and na�ve character is revealed when he asks Crooks this question. He feels lonely. He is secretly very pleased of the company but would not want to show it. Although this could be thought of as that he is so used to being on his own he that he does not like human company. He is a very lonely man and would like to have a friendship with someone, just like George and Lennie do. 'It's just the talking. It's just bein' with another guy that's all.' Crooks explains what friendship is all about and he wishes that he had some friends instead of being a social outcast. He then talks to Lennie about the fact that George may never come back from town again and that he will abandon him. 'I said s'pose George went into town tonight and you never heard of him no more.' He was saying this as if he had some kind of private victory over Lennie. He torments him with this thought and enjoys having power over someone at last. 'Crooks' face lighted with pleasure in his torture.' Crooks takes pleasure in tormenting Lennie saying that George may not return. He is jealous of the friendship of George and Lennie. Crooks is isolated, lonely and has nobody. When Curley's wife enters the room, there is almost an instant change in hierarchy as her presence makes Crooks feel small and worthless. 'Crooks had retired into the terrible protective dignity of the negro.' He feels threatened by her dominating personality. ...read more.


He feels freer without having the burden of Lennie on his shoulders all the time. Loneliness is a major theme in the novel. Each character explores how the theme of loneliness affects their lives and how they cope with it. George seems like the kind of person who would be less lonely when he is without Lennie. He is free of all the responsibilities of two people instead of just one. Candy feels that he will not have to feel lonely for long, if he contributes to the dream of George and Lennie's. Although when Lennie kills Curley's wife he realises that the dream is all over and he is back to where he started. Crooks is used to being lonely and does not really know any different. He does not have any friends on the ranch and by the sound of it, he has not had any friends before. I think that he is a very nice person and could make a very good friend. Curley's wife is the one character who shows the most amount of loneliness. She is always being deserted by her husband and never seems that she has anything to do. Curley married her to show everyone that he has a wife. It is like a competition, who has the most power and assets, one being a wife. The final and most extreme loneliness there is displayed at the end of the book Death. The people in the book sound like they are used to death and being around it, from working on a ranch. Death is a very strange thing when loneliness is concerned. The people who are left behind are usually the ones who are the loneliest, rather than the person who passes away. It's not the fact that people are not with other people to make them feel lonely, but when death is concerned, the people who die will never be coming back and that can be the worst part of loneliness that anyone could ever feel. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anna Taylor 10 PDN Coursework Essay ...read more.

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