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Love & War Poems.

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Love & War Poems. Over the past few weeks, we have been reading six very different poems including: Three war poems and Three Love Poems but each and everyone has a completely different meaning and story to it. The three poems 'I wanna be yours' 'Valentine' and 'I am very bothered' are all love poems, they each seem to be written in a similar style but mean many other things. Valentine comes across strongly but as you read it again and again you begin to realise its extremely passionate and the people in the poem are deeply in love, from my perspective I find it quite entertaining as it contains many silly comparisons to show his love for her. ...read more.


This poem shows a lot of regret and the person seems very depressed but he loved this girl so much and wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. Its extremely passionate and has a slight background rhythm to it. However the next three poems 'The Soldier' 'Suicide In The Trenches' and 'Dulce et Decorum est' are all war poems. The Soldier was written before world war 1 started and Rupert Brooke the author of this poem had not experienced the dreadful war. It makes me think a lot, I had looked at this poem before in History. I think it has a slight bit of rhythm but only because it rhymes. ...read more.


Dulce et Decorum est is the longest poem out of all six poems, and explains a lot about what went on in the war, showing a lot of sadness, and anger however out of all three war poems this particular one makes me think deeper than all the rest as you read line after line. I found that it makes you feel as if you know exactly what it was like but you don't know what its like at all. Wilfred Owen must have lost many of his friends in the war and he tells the story of how and when he lost them in the poem. Overall my favourite poem is probably Dulce et Decorum est because as well as a poem it tells a story of what the war was like and proves how awful it must have been. By Eleanor Wallbank 9DMG. ...read more.

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