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M R James Ghost story

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"Lost Hearts" Essay A ghost story is a tale that tells use about sprits in the world, who haunts people. They have unfinished work with the living and cannot pass on. They are mysterious stories which make the reader use his imagination. They are horror because these involve blood, very violent and physical images rather than allowing use to worry and doubt. However this is more likely to be tense, and the way the place and people are described. It also builds up as you are reading. Stories are often worrying in isolation, unusual situations; the reader is aware straight away that is a terrifying atmosphere. I think Mr. James; the writer of "The Lost Hearts" is a successful ghost story writer because the setting shows an alarming, ghostly atmosphere. It makes us feel tense, the way it is described and is mysterious too. The introduction of the story starts by describing the setting and the atmosphere. ...read more.


He is not a family man and lives alone .A person who doesn't like to go out, possibly having no friends is an odd guardian for an orphaned child. Mrs. Brunch the secondary character, she is a housekeeper who was the most conformable and human person, she is very friendly, as she made the first quarter of an hour very relaxing for the new arrival. I think she is an important because she is the person who tells us much of the story about what has happened, before Stephen's. The two figures are what makes a ghost story; they are terrifying as they are described. Theses figures are very eerie. It also raises the suspicions that Mrs Brunch could be a suspect because all of the information she gave him. Mr Paker, the butler, heard strange noises in the wine cellar and he was sure it wasn't rats, it was voices. ...read more.


In my opinion the characters in the house all seem to be the suspect. I think the ending is what we expect of a typical ghost story. Mr. Abney's death was a revenge attack by the girl and the boy who he killed years ago. The story mentions there is no blood on his hand but that he had a frightful expression on his face. This might show that the two ghosts came from the windows to frightened him. As he is an old man, he had a shock which might have given him a heart attack. The two ghosts saved Stephen's life. Is a mystery and the shocking hidden truth is found at the end about what Mr. Abney was trying to do. The reader was sure M.R. Abeny was a suspect because he is a very odd old man, at the start of this story. M.R. James is a careful not to tell us what happen to Mr. Abney it leaves us guessing and that is what makes it an effective. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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