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Macbeth Coursework - Act 1 Scene 5

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Alice Smyth U5MLC Macbeth Coursework Act 1 Scene 5 Today was the first time I have been scared of myself. I don't know what came over me. I know I was serving the king but too split a man in half it must be wrong. Mustn't it? But enough about that it seems so irrelevant compared too what else happened today! I was walking home with my good friend Banquo when we stumbled across some evils beings. They could see the future or so they believed. (Well I did not believe what they told me until later that day). I will tell you what they said. They said: - I would be thane of Glamis (which I was already) I would be Thane of Cawdor And that I would be king. I know it is very unbelievable but a short while after Angus and Ross came and told me I was going to be Thane of Cawdor. At first I didn't understand as I thought the thane was still alive but it turns out that the thane was killed as he was a traitor. ...read more.


Now my darling husband has become close to the king he has persuaded Duncan to be our guest in our house! This is the perfect opportunity to be rid of him clearing the way for my loving husband to be king. Loving though he is and to persuade him to eliminate his trusted friend may prove to be harder than the actual murder maybe. I need to make him want this as bad as me, make him see it's the only way. But how? Act 1 scene 7 A terrible thing has happened and I fear for my wife's health. She is so full of evil that she scares me! She wants me to kill Duncan. My friend and my king. I told her I would not kill him for he is my host and my duty is to protect him not to kill him but she wouldn't listen. The only thing that makes me want to kill him is my own ambition. ...read more.


I could not face going back to the scene so my wife took them and I tried to wash my hands but I felt that however much I washed my hands it would never wash away the guilt I feel about killing my friend. Act 3 scene 1 I have realised that to become a successful king I must be rid of Banquo for two reasons: - 1) He is noble, brave and wise and therefore to be feared because he might see through me and successfully oppose me. 2) The witches have prophesied that a line of kings will descend from Banquo, but not me. If this is true, then I have murdered Duncan for nothing. He has gone off riding with young fleunce and I have sent murderers to be rid of him. I feel a bit guilty as I invited him to my feast tonight and he made a promise to me that he would attend though I know he never will. I will write again when I know if the plan has gone to plan. ...read more.

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