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Macbeth Essay: Who is responsible for the death of Duncan?

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Who is Responsible for the Death of King Duncan in ' Macbeth' by William Shakespeare? In the debate of responsibility for Duncan's death it would be rational to primarily consider his murderer, Macbeth. A number of factors lead him to kill Duncan. It is evident that he did not go about his crime acting entirely of his own accord - there is an element of corruption from the witches and his wife - however he must have had an existent ambition and desire for the throne in order to follow the plot through. Initially, the witches inform him that he ''shalt be King hereafter''. Macbeth adopts this prophecy as an objective, even calling it '' the deed'' as if it is something he must accomplish. His ambitious nature yearns to accelerate the process by removing Duncan from the throne forcibly. This reveals the evil within Macbeth, because the ''weird sisters'' only tell him that he will be king, they give him no advise as to how to go about it - it is his own ''black and deep desires'' which control his sinful actions. ...read more.


She knew the ''adoration'' and ''dearest love'' Macbeth had for her and threatens this by questioning his manliness and devotion to her. This is her wicked tactic to manipulate Macbeth into going ahead with the killing. Lady Macbeth is also directly a cause for Macbeth's actions. She forms the details of the plan to kill Duncan, and orders him throughout the play, such as ''give me the daggers'' and ''leave all the rest to me'', both very demanding. It appears to me that without Lady Macbeth's '' direst cruelty'' Macbeth would not have had the willpower to carry out the task. Perhaps he is merely a tool, manipulated by Lady Macbeth to achieve her goal to be queen. It could also be argued that the witches, out of spite, spurred on by pure evil, set up the whole thing for their own pleasure. For the prophecy to become reality, itself is essential. Because, if Macbeth hadn't been informed that he would be king he would never have considered regicide. ...read more.


He was overconfident with his friends, when secretly they were his enemies and should have been more wary of the treason. Duncan is far too kind and welcoming with potential adversaries and as a result cannot see the deceit in them: the person who plans his death and latter cover-up is to him simply ''our honoured hostess''. He seems incapable of perceiving evil. To conclude the discussion, I would answer that there is no individual culprit for the death of Duncan, because each contribute importantly: The witches commence the reaction that starts the series of events leading to murder; Lady Macbeth reassures Macbeth, pressures him into the sin, and conceals the evidence by ''[smearing] the sleepy grooms with blood''; Macbeth has the ambition, and is too weak to resist corruption and not be persuaded into proceeding with Lady Macbeth's plans; and Duncan is foolishly na�ve and fails to notice a plot right under his nose, even bringing himself to the scene of the crime with only two guards. Without either of the factions the death would not occur, therefore they are equally responsible. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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