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Macbeth's diary.

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Ceri Davies 07-02-02 Macbeth's diary On the day that the battle had ended, I galloped through the misted heath on my valiant steed. Along side my trust worthy, noble partner Banpuo. The battle had been against the traitors of the king's victorious country. As I galloped I looked apon the heath as if it was my own. Our clothes dripped with the blood or the rebels. One clear image remains, an image of McDonald, and I, Macbeth, unseaming him from the nave to the chop. In the distance were three figures. As they became clearer I sensed that Banpuo became unsteady on his horse. As we continued the figures also continued to become clearer. The figures were not man or women. Not black or white. An expeditious decision led me to believe that the figures were witches. At that point I became uneasy on my steed as my fear grew. I stepped down from my horse closely followed by the brother I never had. Banquo gasped I breathed in deeply and stepped forward. He then asked how far isn't called to Forrest. He rapidly stepped back, I followed his eye movement and it was at that moment I realised that they were not to be taken lightly. Then as I stared in horror and a slight fear, Banquo began to speak. I then stood straight demanded for them to speak unless it was beyond their ability. They stepped forward and then they began to reveal themselves to us. They called upon me as my thane name. I lowered my head a little so that they would know that this was I. I looked at Banquo, he seemed to be as confused as I was. Then a second stepped forward. It also called out but this time of a different name. 'Thane of Cawdor' is how they addressed me. So many questions went through my head. ...read more.


I would sleep no more. I felt so scared that I would never sleep or even be able to rest again. I could never of thought that this murder would effect me this much but it did and that in itself confused me. I was indescribable fear. No words can say what I was going through. It was the worst moment of my life. Suddenly there was knocking at the door, which gave me a fright, I yelled with no hesitance, "Wake Duncun with thy knocking! I would thou coulst!" I regret saying this, and then my wife dragged out me away. As I walked down stairs in a fresh set of cloths Macduff and Lennox were there. Macduff asked me if Duncun was awake, so I took them to Duncun as we walked Lennox and Macduff kept on asking me questions. Each time I was filled with dread and deep remorse. Almost every sentence from my mouth was a lie. Then we arrived at the door; I was the only one there who really knew what was inside. Macduff went inside the room, whilst Lennox and I stood outside. He was telling me about the weather last night, he was taking about hearing screaming and strange things happened. I was being eaten from the inside. Macduff ran out of the chamber and screamed "O horror! ... Horror! ... Horror!" We both asked what he was talking about, I felt expectant, and I was just waiting for him to say it was Macbeth who killed him but he didn't. Lennox was confused but I knew what he meant. We went into the room and we looked around. Outside I could hear Macduff shouting things like, " Ring the alarm bell!... Murder and treason!" Everyone was outside so I killed the guards and made it look like an act of anger when I did this I thought that it would take the focus from me but to Macduff it just made it worse. ...read more.


I did the deed so I should be punished. She did nothing so why was she suffering so much? Then I shouted out that I would no fear till the wood of Birnam wood come to Dunsinane. I met with my soldiers to tell them that I did not fear that they would not starve me out. I could feel my strength and my security. Then I heard an ear piecing scream from above, I had almost forgotten the taste and smell of fear itself. I was told that it was my wife's cry. This made me feel like falling to my knees. But I couldn't deal with it; the English soldiers were coming. After doing everything I now have no one to share it with no one. Then one of my servants rushed in and I told him that I didn't want to hear it. But still he told me, "I looked towards Birnam and anon the wood began to move. I screamed liar slave! I remember being in extreme anger and disbelief. Then I went with the messenger to see for myself and when I did I felt a shiver down my spine I began to doubt the witch's. Still with some respect left I took all my strength and went to the gate with my amour on to face the fiends. The alarms where sounded and I appeared to show my face to Macduff. I wasn't afraid of him because no man could kill me so I told him and the answer was not so nice as the question he told me that he was ripped from his mothers whom. This made me scared, the witch's had tricked me into thinking that I was immortal and that no man could kill me. But I was not a coward I told Macduff that I would fight only to lose. We fought our heavy swords dragging us down. I felt as if every muscle was being dragged out of my body and then Macduff drew his sword at me for one last time and... ...read more.

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