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Macbeth's Schooldays.

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Macbeth Coursework Macbeth's Schooldays The school, like many other schools at the time, had a reputation for being poorly equipped. As you entered through the gates, there was a small recreational area and beyond that the main school building. To the left was a church, which the boys were herded into once every morning and afternoon. There was no particular school uniform; boys came to the school in whatever garments they had at home. There was a large problem with truancy at the school, but this was often due to the fact that many of the boys had to walk 10 miles over the Scottish Highlands to reach the school every morning. However Master Macbeth was an inhabitant of the area surrounding the school and he was also a keen student, so he was always on time for his lessons. He was excellent in both academics and dueling, and his efforts with a sword were incredible, as he surpassed many of his teachers in the subject. It was clear that Macbeth had a talent for speaking publicly and he wrote beautiful poetry. ...read more.


The other boys found this particularly strange and most of them tried to avoid running into Macbeth around the school. In one dueling lesson, out on the marshes behind the school, Macbeth was about to fight a boy called Macduff, who was particularly wary of Macbeth, when he suddenly lifted his arms to the air and stared up into the sky. At this point he started talking to himself: MACBETH Is this a dagger I see before me? It shines with a mysterious wonder, I am no less than enthralled by it, For it seems to be leading me towards Macduff! SCHOOLMASTER Master Macbeth, pray tell me what had taken control of you? Macbeth continues to wander aimlessly around field MACBETH Pray forgive me master, A strange affliction hath plagued me, This sword sees me fit to fight At this point Macbeth began to fight Macduff and at the cost of a graze on his right arm he defeated him. The continuous dueling at the school gave Macbeth a certain hunger for violence on the spur of the moment. ...read more.


As Macbeth drew near to the gates, he said goodbye to his future wife, who left him saying that he would be truly courageous if he killed the head-boy. He walked into the recreational area and looked around him for his victims. As the master called the boys out to the marsh, He called back the 5 boys he was planning on killing and drew out the sword. Using his great swordsmanship he swiftly killed them all as the last boy he killed drew out his wooden sword too late. Hw walked down to the marsh and faced the head-boy, who looked frightened by the menacing look in Macbeth's eye. As the master called for the duel to start he drew out the already bloody sword and slew him then and there. All those watching suddenly gasped and Macbeth ran as fast as he could away from the marsh. This prompted the start of Macbeth's downfall, both mentally and physically. He fled with his family to another part of Scotland, but the psychological effects of the incident would remain with Macbeth for the rest of his life. ...read more.

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