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Macbeth suffers a terrible downfall - Who is to blame? is it all his fault? is he truly evil?

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Macbeth suffers a terrible downfall. Who isto blame?is it all his fault? Is he truly evil? In the play"Macbeth", Macbeth suffers a terrible downfall. At the begining of the play he is fearless and brave he doesn't have a care in the world but by the end he has become corrupted and a fearful, tretorous man. At first we don't see Macbeth we only hear about him all we know at the begining is that he is in battle fighting the norwegians and alongside him is Banquo his dearest friend. The king discribes him as "Brave Macbeth" for his fighting shows he is brave as well as fearless so later in the play for this he is rewarded Thane of Glamis. Along the way homewe hear about the 3 witches or as Macbeth calls them "The Instruments Of Darkness", Macbeth and Banquorun into them and they give Macbeth 3 predictions which are 1)He Becomes Thane of Cawdor 2)He Becomes Thane of Glamis 3)He Becomes King He does not belive it but he is already Thane of Cawdor and anyone would know that. ...read more.


When Macbeth hears of this plan in his head he thinks to himself "should i or should i not kill the king" he doen't know weather to be loyal to his king or to his wife. In the end he decides to choose his wifeand go through with the murder. As he is walking to the kings chamber he see's a floating knife in his way which he things is a sign to go through with it (or is it a sign of guilt?) then blood appears on the knife and he knows what to do he murders The king. The murder was not shown on stage because the King/Queen always came to see shakespear's plays and if they see themself's getting murdered they might think that someones plotting against them. Macbeth also kills the guards so he has less chance of being found out. Lady Macbeth acts as if it can be forgotten she tells Macbeth to wash his hands clean of the blood and he will never be cought. ...read more.


He believes he is invinsable that he can not be killed but he soon finds out that he is wrong. Macbeths weak points in this story were his wife, the witches and his conchance. Killing the king was his own choise but is wife also played a big part in killing him telling Macbeth "He wasn't a man if he didn't go though with it" he also believed it was what he had to do after seeing the floating dagger covered in blood. EVIL! evil is a man whom kills his king, evil is a man who kills his best friend, evil is a man who kills someone elses wife and children! I believe that Macbeth is infact evil for what he did to his king, best frend and Macduffs family. In the begining i don't think he would have even dreamt of doing such a thing but after hearing the witches predictions he changes, his heart turns black and all he cares about is being King of Scotland that was his goal and as far as he was concerned nothing was going to stop him by getting in his way! "Macbeth" English Coursework 2003 Tony Hodsoll 11RSh Ms Parsons. ...read more.

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