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Migration: The Italian Population of Bedford.

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Migration: The Italian Population of Bedford. Introduction Geography is the study of places, the human and physical processes, which shape them, and the people who live in them. This essay on the Italian migration to Bedford or more frequently known as "The Italians of Bedford". . Bedford is situated in the county of Bedfordshire in East Anglia (see map). There are a lot of push and pull factors which caused the Italians to migrate to Bedford. Some of the factors are: Bedford over more job opportunities and everyone in Italy needed a fresh start after the Second World War. More about the push and pull factors will be explained along the course of the essay. The Italian migration to Bedford changed the lifestyles of both the Italians and the English already living in Italy. To make the Italians feel more at home, lots of Italian businesses grew amongst Bedford. This made the Italians feel more at home but it may have disturbed the English a bit. ...read more.


Around 90% of them worked in the brick factories but the other 10% were craftsmen or tailors. When the Italians came to Bedford they could not speak English so they found it hard to socialise with the English society. It those days it was also hard to contact families overseas. They only intended on staying in Bedford for five years but then after they started working here they decided to live here. When they had made some money by working in the brick factories, they bought a small terraced house and started developing businesses of their own. Most people made their own wine and exported them to Italy. They also mostly lived on potatoes. After they had earned sufficient amounts of money they were able to bring their families over to Britain. To feel more at home, the Italians changed Bedford to suit their style. They built Italian churches so they could worship their religion in their own language. ...read more.


This is telling us that there are some Italians living in Sudbury. Similar to this there will be more shops like this will open all around Great Britain. The Italian shops in Bedford are now being bought by a lot of Asians who have also migrated to Britain because of civil wars in their country. Very soon there will be no Italians left in Bedford. Who knows, it might become 'Little Asia'! Without the Italians, Bedford would have been a normal market town in the South East of England. Italians have changed it with their unique style of tradition and community. Bedford (see map) was filled with Italians who migrated from Italy after they had lost the war and Britain offered them some jobs. For all these years, the strong sense of tradition and community could be seen in Bedford. Throughout these years Bedford has earned the name 'Little Italy. But, now the Italians are moving out of Bedford into wealthier places. And Asians are moving into Bedford. In a few decades will Bedford be known as 'Little Asia'? Nobody knows.... ...read more.

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