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Modern History:Individual Research Assignment : Nazism

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Modern History: Individual Research Assignment Stephan Oleschenko The twentieth century has bore witness to one of mankind's most vicious and inhumane atrocities of all time. From early 1939 until the end of the Second World War in 1945 Nazi Germany attempted to exterminate an entire race, that race being the Jews. The systematic slaughter of these people is referred to as the holocaust and also the "shaoh", as it is called by many of the Christian churches. The holocaust represented the most horrific and heartless attack on common humanitarian rights in recent history. One which cannot be forgotten nor ignored, leased of all by the powers that many of the people look to for guidance in their own day do day lives. For many years following the end of the holocaust and World War 2 the details of the events that had occurred was still very clouded, at least to the general public of the time. ...read more.


For the most part those countries withheld judgment on the Germans, in fact, all but the Americans classified the information gathered as "top secret". This left the Americans alone to find the truth about what actually happened in Germany. They alone gathered information and actually discovered the truth about the events which led to many German war powers being prosecuted for the war crimes they had committed. Of all the powers that had knowledge of the events, very few had any idea while the war was still raging. One power that knew exactly what was happening to the Jews was the Catholic Church. The bishops of Germany wrote and contacted the pope more than 12 times between 1942 and 1944 when the persecution on the Jews met a new high with the establishment of "death" camps. The bishops' letters and contact efforts went unanswered until late 1944. ...read more.


It wasn't until the Pope was under tremendous pressure did he even address the issue of the holocaust, and even after he had made the effort of getting into talks with Hitler the mass slaughter of the Jewish people continued, and at an even more rapid rate than previously. Many see the visitation between Hitler and Pope Pius XIII as more an effort to ease pressure than to save the lives of Jews. The Pope had ample information to warrant intervention, at least according to many informed views. The reason behind him choosing not to intervene at an earlier stage is unknown, except for that he "didn't want to get the Church involved in the conflict". He never realized that the Church was already involved to a great extent with many of its own followers fighting and dying on both sides. Even this didn't sway his stance, and for him to not have realized this basic fact is unreasonable and unlikely. ...read more.

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