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Monologue coursework piece

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A Close Call Beep. Beep. Beep. How is it that something that's so important, so drastically vital to the user, can sound so sinister? It's like watching a horror movie; how a child singing haunts you so much more than the zombies, or the ghosts, or the maniac beating at the door. So innocent, yet so threatening. Beep. Beep. Beep. Y'know, it's funny; people always used to talk about how peaceful it must be to be comatose, but I never believed them until now. After all, how would they know? It's not something that happens to everyone. Of course it's not. They're right though. Once the initial panic's gone, total calm takes over your body. I don't understand why... maybe to save yourself from the trauma that you've been through? I don't know. One of life's great mysteries, I suppose. I fell down a cliff. Christ knows how. I was out on my regular afternoon stroll - I usually took one to relax after a day in the office - and the next thing I knew, my foot had exploded into...nothing. ...read more.


Things that you don't think about when you're conscious, things that you complain about even. Waiting for a bus. Brushing your teeth. Walking in the rain. Do you know how much I'd give, just for one more walk in the rain? To have your shoes flooded and socks drenched. To run your hand through sodden hair and shake the torrent out. To feel the tiny droplets as they skate down your forehead and drip, one by one, off the end of your nose. Like a line of lemmings throwing themselves off a cliff. Ironic, that, isn't it? Suppose I'm a lemming now. Beep. Beep. Beep. The doctor came in again this morning. I assume it was morning, anyway. It was morning to me, at least. He came in while I was being washed and told the nurse my chance of survival. Twelve percent. Said I've had a traumatic brain injury. Said I score a four on the Glasgow Coma Scale. Apparently anything below eight is severe. Three's the lowest. Said there's not much more they can do, short of keeping me on life-support and making me comfortable. ...read more.


Shit. The doctor. He's pronouncing me dead. How? I'm still here. Oh God. I'm scared. I'm so, so scared. Is this is? Is this what death is? It can't be. What about Heaven? Or Hell? What about becoming a ghost? They're wrong. They must be. Something's been missed. They've got their tests muddled up. That's it. It's a simple error. Or the machine's broken. It has to be. Then it hits me. The silence. There hasn't been silence until now. Where's the beeping? The machine. Why's it stopped? It can't have stopped. That'd mean I'm dead. I can't be dead. I'm still here. I'm still thinking. What? Shit. It's stopped beeping. That means...my heart...my heart's stopped pumping. What? There's someone else. Someone else has come in. The nurse called him "Father". It's a priest. What's a priest doing here? He can't bless me. I'm not dead. He can't. No. No, no, no, no. Please leave. I'm not dead. I'm not dead. I'm NOT FUCKING DEAD! Just go away. Go away, please. Please leave. It's not my turn yet. It's not my turn. It's not my turn. 1,174 words ?? ?? ?? ?? Monologue, James Richardson-May Coursework Piece Two ...read more.

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