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monologue I never thought the day would come for me to say goodbye, I dont wana say goodbye to you, your so special to me. Youre my little sister who is SO loud in the mornings

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MONOLOGUE I never thought the day would come for me to say goodbye, I don't wana say goodbye to you, your so special to me. You're my little sister who is SO loud in the mornings especially when I'm feeling half dead. We have bare jokes every time we're together especially with Jay. I aint ever going to forget our serious talks in science lessons, sitting right at the back of the classroom just chatting about life, guys, how annoying family can be and the stress of exams rather than wondering and talking about the meaning of certain biology terms and words. What is a nucleus? What are sister chromatids? You spent half of your science lessons in Mr Stone's office trying to justify your actions. You made my maths lessons unforgettable, you always giving us entertainment and tormenting the teachers. We always used to go hyper just laughing our heads off. You know how we do!!! Oh my god! Remember our bus trips going to Edgware when you used to live there and our shopping trips to wood green, what about the time you brought that hot pink top but then you took it back the very next day just because you someone else wear the same one. ...read more.


True mates like you are one in a million and I know there is nobody that could ever replace you. I aint ever going to let you go. True mates like you are one in a million and I know there nobody that could ever replace you, I know you find life hard sometimes especially school work when it comes to revising for exams, but I want the best for you and your GCSE's are the key to you future. I know you just need to put a little bit more effort because you are half way there. You're a smart sexy beautiful girl with a really big attitude problem but that's what makes you, you have the best personality ever. Thank god you have a brain too all you have to do now is exercise it every now and then. It would be a shame to see all your efforts go to waste because I know you can make something out of you life and get good grades, go and apply into a good college and enjoy you life doing what you want to do, living you life the way you want to. ...read more.


I wish you both all the best for the future and even if he does end up turning out typical like all the other rest which I seriously doubt, never forget that you will never lose me by your side. You have helped me through a lot and just yesterday I was watching you even though you don't realise but I am today what I am because of you, I will always keep you in my heart mind and world. I hope we still know each other after college uni and married life as well. I will make sure that we have at least one day in a week where we get together and just moan and moan and moan some more about married life. I'll bring the chocolates you just bring yourself. I was saving all of this for another time but now just seems like the perfect moment and I wouldn't want a good chance to pass and me not to say how much you mean to me. Nothing compares to you, not even a star. You're unique in every way. You have your own style and you make living worthwhile. All I want to say is enjoy life to the fullest make sure you have no regrets and when times seems down always remember I have a lot of love for you. ...read more.

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