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Monologue of Juliet.

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Monologue of Juliet I met him at the Capulet party; it was love at first sight. His kisses were by the book, totally perfect, I love him. When the nurse entered, calling me to my mother, I could not take my eyes of Romeo, he was the content of my mind, and there was nothing more important. As Romeo left, I tried to get the nurse's opinion, without directly telling her that I loved Romeo. I would never ask my mother such questions, because the nurse is like my mother, as I grew up knowing her, and having little contact with my mother. I began to return to reality, I had only just met this man, and I did not even know his name. ...read more.


I tried to define the meaning of 'Montague', it meant nothing, it was just a name, Romeo was who I loved, and he was called a Montague, so we could not be together. Retuning to my senses, I became increasingly worried about Romeo, and questioned how Romeo got to orchard, and how he got over the high walls. He did not appear to be taking me seriously, as he said that, 'With love's light wings did I o'erperch these walls'. I knew that Tybalt, or any other member of my family would murder him, if he was found to be in the orchard, and I was worried for his safety and I did not want anything bad to happen to him. ...read more.


Fortunately I was able to rush into the house, and creep out onto the balcony to speak to Romeo once more. I was desperate, I could not bear being away from him for even one minute. We arranged for him to send word of getting married the following day at nine o'clock. Finally we parted, reassuring each other we would meet again the following day. Millions of feelings were swarming through my mind, I was shocked by the power of love, I had never felt like this before. The following morning I was anxiously waiting to see Romeo again, and find out the arrangements of the wedding. I wondered if the nurse had interfered, and found out more than I knew. Although I love her very dearly, I feel she was a bit on top of me, and knew too much about Romeo and i. ...read more.

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