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Mrs Faust. In order to understand poetry, the reader needs to understand the context behind the story so they can appreciate what they are reading. Carol Ann Duffy wrote the worlds wife in order to show the public how before we were controlled by

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"a reader needs to know the stories behind the poems such as 'Mrs Faust' otherwise they do not have much meaning". Explore this opinion using two or three poems in detail or ranging more widely through the collection. In order to understand poetry, the reader needs to understand the context behind the story so they can appreciate what they are reading. Carol Ann Duffy wrote 'the world's wife' in order to show the public how before we were controlled by a patriarchal society and that now we are able to express our own feelings and thoughts as dominant women, not subservient. Poems like 'Mrs Faust'; which is a reply to the play Dr Faustus by Christopher Marlowe, displays how selling your soul to the devil can give you happiness in material goods and power. Compared to the play, the poem appears updated with the concept of corruption of men in society as all they want is power and wealth instead of love and simplicity. ...read more.


This is shown through the use of particular phrases like 'he went to whores' indicating the unhappiness that wealth and power brings for the other person in the relationship having to endure a loveless marriage. This also demonstrates the patriarchal power he has over his wife as he is able to do what he pleases. The structure of Mrs Faust is presented as a list of fifteen stanzas, alike to a shopping list, which with its quick pace indicates a want to move on and to leave the past behind. 'Fast cars. A boat with sails. A second home in Wales.' Presents a quick, snappy tone, which reflects the narrator's feelings towards her husband as he only, wants material things, alike in the original story of Dr Faustus. The character made a pact with the devil, solely for his own self rather than for anyone else. Compared to Thetis, there are some similarities as there is symmetry throughout each stanza. ...read more.


This refers to Hera's contempt after he murders a female snake. This also gives the poem a sinister mood as murder and breaking the rules becomes the reason for his later power as a woman. Also in Thetis, she refers to the atmosphere by becoming the weather; 'I was all hot air' presents the narrator as ethereal as she cannot be held by a man, giving her power over the man. This reflects to when Zeus and Poseidon began courting her but Thetis would not resist to temptation. The language of each poem is quite similar in each. In Mrs Faust, there is a sense of irony when he becomes 'cardinal' as this is a religious position of the Catholic Church and he has made a pact with the devil. It is a position of high status in the church. 'Bo peep' also seems innocent but displays a shift when he himself becomes dark as it relates to looking at innocent girls reflecting the Bo peep image. 'C'est la vie' presents the poetic voice as indifferent to his antics, as she has become divided from him due to the material goods overtaking their lives. ...read more.

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