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Much Ado About Nothing Report

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Much Ado About Nothing Report By Russell Melton Yr 9 The Elizabethan Theatre To start this report I am going to explain a little about the Elizabethan theatre and the plays that were performed, like this one, and also a little on what it would have been like. For example the lighting, sound and costumes as these played a very large role in these times. Firstly a little about the theatre itself, the Elizabethan was named after Queen Elizabeth I and was built for Shakespeare and many other play writers. The theatre itself was very different back then from theatres today. Nowadays you can go and pay an affordable price and sit in a good seat in a comfortable theatre and have perfect lighting and great sound to illuminate the actors and have complicated background and scenery to give impressions of indoor and outdoor scenes, but back then they were very different. The centre of the theatre had no roof. And since there was no powerful lighting they had to depend on sunlight. The centre, open part, contained a stage and a courtyard. Unlike today, many people had to stand in the yard in front of the stage and the stage was raised so everyone could see. ...read more.


He is also the one whom is in love with hero. Hero: is the daughter of Leonato, and what's not to like, She is young, pretty, smart and is also madly in love with Claudio, she is the one to marry him. Benedick: he is also a young, brave and handsome soldier accompanying don Pedro. He is smart, witty and also has a little thing for Beatrice which comes after all the name calling as he thinks as her as the devil himself. He also thinks he can have any girl he wants and all the girls like him except for Beatrice. Beatrice: she's bright, pretty, witty and sometimes annoying; she is a bit fussy with men, she doesn't want one with a beard or without, they are either too young or too old. She does her best to make benedicks life a living hell; she also secretly has a soft heart for him, as you can tell (later on). She is leonatos niece and Heros cousin. Don John: is bitter, antisocial, and jealous of the love and friendship everyone has for each other. He lacks of manners and social graces, he also can not get a woman because of his mannerisms. ...read more.


Verges: I agree, thankyou god that there is some man as old as him as smart as me in his ways. Dogberry: comparisons are terrible, Verges. Leonato: guys, you are boring. Dogberry: if it pleases you to say so, we are unfortunately under the control of the duke, but truly on my own behalf, if I were as boring as you, would simply out of my heart give my worship to you. Leonato: all of your boredom on me, huh? Dogberry: yes and a thousand pound more, for I hear good praise to you, if I was not a poor man, but I am glad to hear it. Verges: I am too. Leonato: I would really like to know what is so important you want to tell me. Verges: sir on our watch tonight, before meeting you, had taken a couple of wicked villains in Messina. Dogberry: a good man, sir, verges, two men ride on a horse and one must ride behind him in front, neighbour verges. Leonato: indeed, verges comes short of you dogberry. Dogberry: thankyou sir, it is a gift from god. Leonato: I must be going now. Dogberry: one more thing, sir, we have caught two men and will have them examined by yourself in the morning. Exit Leonato Pg.4 ...read more.

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