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My brother and I

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´╗┐Crystal Schildt November 19, 2012 Pd.1 My Brother and I ?My Brother, My Friend I love my brother, my brother loves me. My friend, my hero, he always will be. In sundry ways our uniqueness is clear. Sometimes we fight and scream at each other, but he is my friend for he is my brother.? Most siblings are very similar, but my brother and I are uniquely different. Whenever someone meets us both, they are in dismay to learn that we are siblings. Sometimes they do not believe it and think we are joking because we do not look alike, we have completely different personalities, and our lifestyles are totally different. ...read more.


Now, we are both in shape! That is probably the only physical characteristic we share now. In addition to our physical differences, we also have nearly opposite personalities. He is very nervous and frazzled. I am low-key and more easygoing. He is very worried about what other people think and say about him, but I really do not care. When he has a problem, he just worries about it, but when I have a problem, I try to fix it. He also really is in woe of the mistakes he made in the past and still feels very iniquitous about them. In contrast, I try to learn from my mistakes, but leave the past in the past so I can focus on the present and the future. ...read more.


The shoes I am wearing now cost $20.00-$30.00 in Wal-Mart or Payless. He probably spends $80.00 or more for one pair of shoes. He likes to cook sumptuous food and go to a great deal of immoderate restaurants. I cook with a microwave and rarely spend more than $15.00 on dinner at a restaurant. He has two cats. I have three dogs. He reads Harry Potter. I watch television. I work in a student environment. He works at a company who installs countertops. He has children. I do not. In conclusion, I cannot imagine having a brother who is less like me than he is. We have almost nothing in common and only see each other on birthdays and holidays. We have the same mother but a different father; we grew up in the same place, and had the same discipline. So why are we so divergent? ...read more.

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