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My first time in the U.S.

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My first time in the U.S. I attended Hoya language school near the New York City for two months when I was six years old. I have so much beautiful and haunting memories about these days. I value those so much now and they become a source of my later reflection on life and identity. Actually, this is my first time being in a foreign country. ...read more.


I was also surprised at people's eccentric appearance. I was particularly struck watching people with blonde hairs, blue eyes, and grand stature. I realized the existence of extraterrestrials. Before visiting the United States, I thought every person had black hairs and eyes and short height. In spring in America, I had very delightful and mild weather. ...read more.


Seoul, aggressive and strong, possesses many different and unexpected faces. To be a guest here was to be swept up in a turbulent, interminable flood of human interaction. I was tired of the impatient noise of traffic and the hurried and boisterous pace of city. I also didn't like the fact that Seoul was surrounded by the mountains. It seemed just like a suffocating prison. America was my new world. In other words, America was my sheer paradise. ...read more.

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