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My Production Notes on A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen.

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My Production Notes on A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen. Plot set in 1879 Nora a typical housewife comes home from Christmas shopping. She has to ring the bell .She is let in and given a hand by the porter and tips him a shilling. This shows that women back in that period where unequal to men. Women never owned a house key only the men would. Also Nora has little knowledge of money and wants to show off her status by over tipping the Porter. Nora then comes in and feels the bag of maroons she has hidden in her coat pocket. This shows she hides things from her husband. Nora goes to her husband's office door and hums outside to gain his attention it works then he invites her in. He then asks her "has my little squander bird been overspending again?" This shows he too knows she has little knowledge of money but has a pet name for her which shows they are much in love and are an affectionate couple. After another conversation Nora asks to have some money and Helmer reminds her that not so long ago they wouldn't have this kind of money to spend if it hadn't been for his new salary. ...read more.


They then go into conversation about him Dr Rank then appears from Helmers study and Nora introduces Mrs Linde to Rank. They talk, then Helmer enters and Nora mentions Mrs Linde and how good at office work. She is hinting to Helmer that Mrs Linde wants a job. Then Dr Rank Mrs Linde and Helmer go downstairs the Nurse and children enter. Krogstad then enters again and Nora hushes the children away. She is tense as they are talking about the debt that Nora owes Krogstad for taking her husband abroad. He asks Nora to persuade Helmer to let him keep his job as he is suspcious of Mrs Linde taking his place. It comes out also that Nora borrowed �250 pounds and Krogstad wants it back soon. Also he has found out that Nora has forged her fathers signature on the form for borrowing money. Nora tries to lie her way through it but Krogstad already knows too well that she is lying. After some tension Krogstad leaves and Helmer enters, they talk about the fancy dress ball. Act Two Nora is alone, worrying about whether Krogstad will tell her husband Helmer about the money. The nurse brings in Nora's Costume for the ball. ...read more.


Mrs Linde asks if Krogstad would ever take her back he accepts and they try to take the letter that Krogstad wrote to Helmer back. While upsatirs Nora doent want to leave the party she is still dreading the letter in the mail box. When Helmer goes to fetch some candles Mrs Linde finds Nora and explains Nora has nothing to be scared of with things concerning Krogstad. Helmer then gets Nora home and tries to Make sexual advances towards her. She doesn't want to and Helmer then gets annoyed and goes to check his mail box. In it is also a letter with a black cross on it from Rank. It explains he is going to die soon. Left alone in Helmers study Nora panics then Helmer enters demanding to know about the letter. He is mad with Nora and basically disowns her. He tells her she is stupid and that his reputation would be ruined if all got out. After Helmer sees Krogstads I.O.U he believes everything will be alright but theyre not. Nora realises that in her time of need that Helmer wasn't there for her and that he is not right for her. She must Experience life for herself and will never get the chance to with Helmer. She says the kids would be better off with the nurse And she needs to live a life independently. She then leaves Helmer and the children. ...read more.

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