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My Swaziland Gap Year- informative writing

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´╗┐Swaziland Gap Year Totally landlocked, lying in the northwest corner of south Africa, Swaziland is often overlooked as A gap year destination due to its miniscule size of only 200 kilometres across compared to its much larger neighbouring countries, South Africa and Mozambique. But after my experiences there I would definitely recommend it to anybody interested in doing a gap year themselves. The first language is the Bantu language of SiSwati but English is also widely spoken throughout the country so there was no need to struggle trying to translate too much. The project is located in the Ezulwini valley of central Swaziland. This is the cultural heart of Swaziland and is where most of the tourist activities are based. ...read more.


It was one of the most satisfying things I have ever had the pleasure of doing; you can definitely tell you are making a considerable difference in their lives. Other than spending time with the children, there was a lot to do in such a small country; the most memorable was attending the Uhmlanga reed dance. The Uhmlanga ceremony is based on a tradition ceremony where young girls cut reeds and present them to the Queen mother to repair her wind break around the palace. Although it lasts for 8 days, the ceremony is only open to the general public for the last 2 days of the ceremony. ...read more.


You could go to the game reserve as a day trip but we decided to stay overnight to see as much of it as we could. All of the rangers at the reserve were very clued up and you definitely tell they had a major passion for their job and that the animals were cared for spectacularly. After visiting Swaziland and returning back to the UK my life has changed drastically, I have really learnt to appreciate the things in life and not take things for granted. I can honestly say it was one of the most fulfilling experiences I have had and probably will ever have and would recommend it in a heartbeat to anybody thinking of taking a gap year to travel. ________________ Luke Schol ...read more.

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