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My youngest and fondest memories begin with my grandmother, my mother and myself. I knew my family was not like other families but different in a sense.

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Narrative Essay My youngest and fondest memories begin with my grandmother, my mother and myself. I knew my family was not like other families but different in a sense. At such a young age, I couldn't figure out how my family was different but deep down I felt as if something was just not right with my family. Even sitting here now, I think back and try to figure out when I found out that my family was not like others but to this day I am not sure when it happened. All I do know is that when I found out, the biggest shock of fear would haunt me for the rest of my life. My grandmother owned a boat and lived on the Florida east coast. It was common for my mother to drop her four children off at my grandmother's house for the weekend so she could have her alone time. I enjoyed the thought of going over to her house because that meant we were going on the boat and the sunny, hot beach. ...read more.


I asked my mother one day, "Why are you always sad. When can you get out of bed and spend time with us?" She left me with the responsibilities of the house, the children and my school work was slowly being affected by the stress around me. Even my weekly visits to my grandmother seemed to be changing and we began to see a bigger change in my grandmother as well. I remember my sister asking my grandmother, "Why are you so angry all the time?" She was never able to answer but always had something negative to say to each of us children. We later found out my grandmother was a severe alcoholic and she had vodka in her tea each time she took a sip. The violent words became common as I can recall her saying to me at the age of 14, "you will become a whore just like your mother is." It hurt my feelings bad and I wanted to curl up in a ball and die. ...read more.


After moving away and despising what my mother and grandmother had put me through, my grandmother died without me even saying goodbye to her. I felt ashamed of myself but I did not know how to forgive the pain of my past until years later when I found God as my savior. I eventually found myself and I am raising my children in a different manner than my grandmother and mother raised me. There are not alcohol or negative words in my life but the pain is still fresh in my soul throughout each day of my life. There are times when I want to thank my grandmother and mother for my past even though it was a bad experience because it laid the pathway for the future I have now. If it weren't for the pain, sorrow and tears of my past, my future would not be as bright as it is today as I feel the love of my children and the grace of God's love each day. ...read more.

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