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Nature vs Nurture

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Mayur Bedadala Ms. Blair Hon Sophomore Composition 17 October 2008 To begin with what is intelligence? As Merriam Webster dictionary states intelligence is "the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations". Some say its nature and some say its nurture. Who is right and who is wrong. From the past decades there is a raging debate going on whether intelligence is nature or nurture, but the results were always inconclusive or full of loopholes. There are many reasons that clearly prove that intelligence is genetic. In this essay the topic that I will be exploring are the differences in intelligence within different races and ethnic groups. Intelligence is clearly more affected by genetics than it is by environmental factors due to the results of twin studies between two different races. ...read more.


These scientists mostly relied on the information from the studies of people in different races that were adopted during birth or at a very young age. These results showed that the children had no resemblance what so ever to their adoptive parents. They have different tastes, different opinions and even have different point of views. Some people did show some of the characteristics that they got from their inherited parents but compared to the ones that did not it was nothing. In addition race differences appear by the age of 3, before even receiving any kind of education. This proves that IQ differences "cannot be due to poor education since this has not yet begun to exert an effect" (Rushton). ...read more.


As a result it makes sense to conclude that although environmental factors do affect a person's intelligence level these factors are still crushed by the genetic differences. These examples show that intelligence is affected by environmental factors. It's not incorrect but the environmental factors are overpowered by the genetic influences. In conclusion, I just want to state that intelligence between races is more affected by their genetic background than it is by environmental factors. During the past two decades scientists have discovered that there is a gene for almost every single human trait there is. Although intelligence is more affected by nature it is still safe to bet that it's a little affected by environmental factors. That is because many scientists believe that almost 80% of human intelligence is genetic, therefore the other 20% must be influenced by environment. ...read more.

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