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No More Sunshine on Leith

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No More Sunshine on Leith It was a cold, frosty night in Edinburgh, and yet people still insisted on going to the pub for an evening drink. Two of these people were Mike and Danny Roxborough who were headed to their favourite pub, the Persevere. The lampposts brightly lit their path. The moon was ever-present tonight, as there was not a cloud in the sky, meaning that there would probably be a frost tomorrow. When they reached the pub and Mike turned in, closely followed by Danny, the first thing they did was scan the room for any familiar faces to talk to. As he looked around Mike couldn't see anyone he knew so he sent Danny to get them a couple of beers and headed off to their usual table - only to find someone else sitting there. He stood there, gazing at the pair, who looked as camp as camp can get. ...read more.


"Yer an eejit Danny!" said Mike as he approached the two camps. "S'cuse me fella's, but I think yer in our seats. Would ye mind movin' fir us? Cheers." They looked at each other for a second before the purple-suited one turned back. The tension in the air could be easily felt, and the surrounding tables were starting to turn around and watch. "Ooh I do believe that we had these seats first, my friend! I'm afraid that I didn't see your name on them, therefore we have a right to sit here." "SHUT UP!" shouted Mike so loud that the rest pf the pub turned around to watch and even made Danny, who was used to these outbursts, nearly jump out of his skin. "Outside, if you please," and then he bowed pointing the way to the emergency exit. "I object to this treatment! ...read more.


Mike started swinging hooks at him then but couldn't hit him. His reactions were just too slow. After a lot of swinging and laughing, Mike seemed to be really annoyed and Danny could see that. Mike was tired of being humiliated like this and wanted it to stop. He then picked up a sharp piece of wood from the smashed crate when purple suit was chatting to yellow suit and they started to leave. He ran straight for them and this time his aim was true. The sharp plank impaled the purple suit from behind and he screamed out before sinking to the ground with an expression of disbelief on his face. As all three remaining people stared in disbelief at the scene that was before them, Mike turned around and looked up at Danny with a guilty yet pleading look on his face. Danny knew he couldn't do anything, and so stepped backwards into the shadows and headed home, leaving Mike on his own. He didn't want anything to do with a murder. ...read more.

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