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November the 12th 1939. Autumn. The hotel....

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November the 12th 1939. Autumn. The hotel.... We pulled up outside the hotel, the rain bouncing down on to the muddy track. The icy wind rattled the trees and blew the dead rotting leaves. The hotel was half covered in the gloomy fog, which hang like the black ripper's cloak. This fog had been looming around for many days, but it seemed to be getting heavier. Through the heavy fog, we could see the black cut out shape of where the door used to be, now the door laid alone on the timber floor, decaying and covered in woodworm and an unusual fungus has start to move itself on to the door. "That's the front entrance for the hotel, I think?" I said to my fellow partner. Has we look up the mist was so heavy we could only see the entries and the first floor of the hotel but the rested was cover in the gloomy mist. I gazed up at the full moon which was covered with the thick storm clouds which was starting gathering together like bees in a swam. The dim moonlight reflected off the dead looking trees, which casts weird, deformed, figure shapes on to the rotting leaves and the muddy path. To me the figures were moving toward us, but it just could be my eyes playing trick. I turned my head to what used to be a boating lake, but now a smelly swamp with a thick green crust of pondweed, which covered the surface. ...read more.


"No you're not you liar" "Yes I am! O! I'm upside down so look up at the roof" "You better not be lying and anyway how did you get up on the roof?" I tilled my head and looked up. "I don't know." By now things had started to get confusing and I started to get nervous. I felt like I was in a fun house. I sat myself down on the bed and rubbed my hands together just trying to get some warmth back into them. I gazed back up at George, but George was not there any more. Quietness "I'm behind you" I jump once again. "Do not do that to me I've told you once" I looked around. A broken glass lay on an Ouija board. A note said: The rest of the note was covered in blood. I looked out of the window and squinted to the graveyard. "We need to check out that graveyard," I said. "What's this? I think it's a death certificate for? For? There are no names on it. It has been erased. Look at the Signature" James Wilber. James Wilber. " The dead person is James Wilber. He died of suspicious circumstances. We are off to that graveyard." I turn and pointed to the window but there was no window and no door, we were stood in the graveyard? "Hay! ...read more.


At the top of the photograph was some writing, which said. "JAMES WILBER, 21st of January 1900. "In god we trust" Died here in room 1...0...1..." And there was the black book with the crystal object hidden in the cover we were looking for. The Young Cranky voice came again. "Died here in 1...0...1... so come! Come" The voice was much softer than last time, almost like a whisper. A big flash of lighting woke George up. "George. Follow me". I said I headed to the stairs. We walked up the creepy, squeaky, creaky timber stairs. We reached the top of the stairs and head to the room 1...0...1... They're sat a ghost-like man. "Thank you, thank you" The ghost had a sad face but slowly the face change to a sneer. The ghost lifted its head up and starts shouting "Give me the book!" "Why?" "Give me the damn book" The hotel started to shake. "No! Why?" The ghost looked at me. His eyes seamed to burn me. "Give me the book, now" "No" The ghost rose in to the air and the eyes of the ghost changed from milky white to blood shot red. Smoke filled the room. "Damn the fire down stairs" I yelled loudly I turned and headed for the stairs. "Stop." The ghost shouted out. "No, get lost" I shouted back My heart started to beat faster and faster. As soon as I hit the stairs, the stairs gave way and I hit the floor below with a THUND... ?? ?? ?? ?? Trevor White Mr. Donaghy Original Writing. ...read more.

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