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oh what a lovely war

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Oh what a lovely war Oh what a lovely war is a very comical play showing World War 1 in a satirical context which is the exact opposite of Dulce et decorum which is very realistic and shows the real horror of world war 1.both of these ways of portraying a play have their advantages and their disadvantages. Oh what a lovely war is played so that people will remember the war in a fond way and not of its real horror. This both have good and bad sides; the good side is that the war will not be as heavy on the minds of the people that have just watched the play. But the bad side of this way of acting is that the war would be remembered not as it actually was and the people that died in this war would not be appreciated as much as they should. This is the exact opposite of realism which does show the real horror of the war in dulce et decorum. This also has its good and bad sides. ...read more.


of the audiences senses active and stimulating there brain to think about what is happening around them and over stimulating them to make them blown away by the act. The three types of drama that we have been studying this term are very different and put across different massages for the same type of event. Satirical shows the funny and comical side of things while making a point in-between the lines, realism shows the actual horror of the event and make the audience really think about what they are seeing and the point behind it. In oh what a lovely war the caricature exaggerates his movements in voice and body to emphasise a characteristic. They do this by making everything they do over the top, which is like slapstick comedy. We done this by making our song sung in a very deep voice and lengthened the words to make it more satirical, this then made the play more enjoyable to watch. ...read more.


We also used lighting in our performance to highlight that the trenches were dark and muggy; this again portrayed more information to the audience without them even knowing it. All the rehearsal work that we done did add effect to the performance by giving it an atmosphere and making all of the comic and dramatic tension work. These again added to the dramatic effect by making the audience in the right mood for the play and setting them up for the satirical performance Looking back and evaluating my work I think that we done well enough to make the play satirical by using all of the drama elements that we had rehearsed earlier I the term. This made the play more interesting and distanced the audience from the concept and horrors of war by showing the funny side of it and using one of brechts theory's to provoke the audience into thinking about the point of war and its futility, this makes the audience sit back and think about the other side of war and what it is worth for anyone which was the point of the play in the first place. ...read more.

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