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One Night.

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Original writing: One night I had an argument with my brother, I was so angry that I decided to go outside for a walk. I didn't tell anyone that I was going out for a walk I just grabbed my coat and went outside. It was dark and it was late almost 12 midnight. But I wasn't thinking about that the only thing that was in my mind was the silly augment with my brother. He had spent all my money that I had saved up to buy a brand new bicycle. As I was walking along, I sow what appeared to be two men chasing a boy about my age. ...read more.


Luckily I had my phone with me so I called the police and told them what was going on, but they said that they will be there in about 30 min. But that would be too late, so I thought about destructing them until the police came. And I had to do it quick because it looked like the two man had cornered the boy and he had no were to go. I went closer to were they were and I thought I realized the boy from somewhere but I just couldn't figure out were. They caught the boy and then one of the men raised his blade to stab him. ...read more.


It all happened so quick that the next thing I knew I looked up and the man said to me "say your last prayers" but before he even finished the sentence the police arrived and I just said to myself "thank God, what took you so long" The two men were arrested, and it turned out that they were wanted for kidnap. And the boy they had kidnapped that same night, was the mayors' son. And I had seen him on TV that's why he looked familiar. And just when things couldn't get any batter there was a �50 000 reward for anyone who help capture the two man. So I ended up with more money than I needed and I bought an even batter bicycle. And it all happened in one night. ...read more.

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