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Original Writing

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Original Writing Yay! Another blissful day at school, (hint my sarcasm). I hate the way the bell assaults my ears in the morning, especially when I have to attend this "temple" of learning. (As I like to call it). I should really be on my way to registration but I like the thought of walking slowly, gives me time to think, to think what the day might bring, but I like the thought of walking slowly and being late, after all it is only Mr Miles reading out notices that don't concern or interest me in any shape or form. Its only Thursday, I have actually managed to last most of the week in this "temple" of learning. Most of the teachers aggravate me in ways that are indescribable but I cope, though at times they have drove me to the end of my infinite patience! ...read more.


Every time I have a lesson with her we always have a disagreement. It is now break. At the beginning of break I make my way to my form area or as it is known the "corridor", to spend time with friends and my boyfriend. We sit on the floor and talk endlessly about matters in or out of school, (normally we discuss how we are going to make next lesson catastrophic)! I'm now progressing towards my next lesson, which happens to be English. I'm (according to Mr Gill) quite talented when it comes to English, though I think it's the way I phrase everything and some of my disturbed humour that I add to my work. My behaviour is sometimes not acceptable, though that's because I've either had extremely bad day or I'm suffering. I know I have some talent when it comes to English, and if it is a good day then I put the effort in and it shows, but most ...read more.


I'm in registration and Mr miles is detaining me from my "learning experience" of this "temple" of learning. I have arrived (shall we say late) for my D.T textiles lesson with Miss Henning. Today we are learning about CAM. CAM stands for computer-aided manufacture, wow I actually remembered, learnt something! Waiting for the bell to assault my ears for the last time today, wait........................ And there it is. I now await my lift home, and therefore as soon as I get home I must continue my intermediate learning by doing my homework! How thrilling, I love to spend my free time cramming in more work. Obviously I don't enjoy doing the extra work, but I'm so far behind with my class work and coursework, I always resort to devoting all my free time to continue my learning and further my education, just a little a bit further. So I can become just that little bit closer to the grades that I desire. I will for fill my task in my "educational" life. Natalie Faulkner 11IM GCSE Assignment 1 10/05/2007 ...read more.

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