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Original Writing Commentary. The purpose of this blog is to advise young adults how to curb unhealthy eating habits not for only for weight but for confidence. I purposely chose to continue the theme of junk food

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Original Writing Commentary My creative piece is a blog, aimed at young adults who are students between the age of 16 and 20. I purposely chose this age range as young adults are adopting the social trend of buying fast food for various reasons such as: ease, quickness and cost. The audience I targeted was mainly females as they are most likely to be more conscience about their health and weight because of media pressure to conform to the ideal 'Slim is beautiful' concept. The purpose of this blog is to advise young adults how to curb unhealthy eating habits not for only for weight but for confidence. I purposely chose to continue the theme of junk food as it is constantly within the media and frequently needs addressing due to the major health issues that follow because of it. I opted to make my piece multimodal, as I felt it was necessary to include both images and text to create a motivational effect to encourage them to read the blog. ...read more.


Use of alliteration in the blog is shown, 'fast food'. This helps to highlight that food is unhealthy due to the fast cooking and production. The structures of the sentences are mostly simple-compound 'Having a sport or fitness....frame of mind'. Through using these sentences I tried to create a balanced feel to the piece of writing. I specifically used a variation of long and short sentences, however, I tended to commonly use predominately medium lengthen compound utterances to describe what happened all in one without losing the readers' attention. As this is a blog which can easily be dismissed due to the reader clicking off the page, it was therefore important for me to use an imperative utterance in the opening paragraph '8 Ways to stop being a junk food junkie and become a healthy goddess' , to grab the readers' attention in order to encourage them to read further. I distinctively chose to use the collocation 'Junk food' due to its negative connotation of unhealthy eating which I felt was an easy way to categorise unhealthy food due to the lexis used nowadays amongst the younger generation. ...read more.


The layout and background I felt was successful in appealing to the reader as it utilised nude feminine colours, although not pink which is stereotypically as a girls' favourite colour. I purposely chose green and yellow polka dots to therefore not stereotype my female audience but also to represent the current fashion trend. I decided the name of the blog would be 'Couture Candy Fatale' due to the associated feminine meaning that can be broken down within it; as couture is often related to fashion, candy being a connotation for sweet and Fatale meaning female independence which I believe fits the blog exceptionally as it can be generalised to have the connotation of a powerful and strong minded women who at times can be sweet yet fashionable. Difficulties I found whilst creating my weblog was specifically writing for my audience, as I encountered times where it was occasionally too formal which was not appropriate for my age range. Also I wanted to initially include a 'YouTube' widget whereby my audience could search for videos; however, I had to omit this idea because I was unable to attain videos specific to junk food. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shanaz Pantry A2 Unit F654 Media Language: Original Writing & Commentary ...read more.

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