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Outline the main differences between to the two; pointing out the areas you feel American English has influenced British English. Put forward your views on the subject.

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American English Assignment 'More and more Americanisms seem to be entering the English language. This is disturbing-they have a corrupting influence on our mother tongue'. (Letter to The Times) Outline the main differences between to the two; pointing out the areas you feel American English has influenced British English. Put forward your views on the subject. American English first began in the 17th Century, when the English colonists settled across the Atlantic. Between 1620-1640, over 200 vessels came from England to New England in America, bringing with them 15,000 immigrants. These immigrants came from all parts of the UK. After they had settled, some of their speech forms established the basis of American English. GRAMMAR Grammatical differences between AE and BE are quite small. The main being the American use of the past tense where as British English would use the present perfect tense. ...read more.


An example would be woollen, which is spelt woollen in AE. Jewellery is spelt jewlery and travelled, to travelled. British '-our' becomes '-or' in American English. Colour is color, labour is spelt labor etc. British English words ending in '-re' were changed to end in '-er'. So therefore centre became center and litre became liter. Words such as organize and prioritise were changed to organise and prioritise. Here, the consonant 'z' was simply swapped with the letter 's'. PRONUNCIATION The pronunciation features of American English most define the two languages. In AE, the post vocalic /r/ as in car is said as /kar/. In Received Pronunciation it is said /ka:/ We tend not to say the letter 'r' when it comes at the end of a word. AE also pronounce words such as fast, with a long flat <a>. ...read more.


Teenager, commuter, face the music, reliable, influential and grapevine. These are just an example of some words and phrases which have crept into the BE language for America. With America being a country which tends to export a lot of its goods, such as McDonalds, it is no wonder we now have words like burgers and shakes in the BE language. The USA leads the way in computer technology. The computer term GIGO, (garbage in, garbage out) has spread into many languages, including BE. CONCLUSION American English does not seem to corrupt the British English language in any way. It simply enriches it with new words and phrases. The borrowing of words has existed for many years, and Americanisms is no different. Foreign borrowings make different languages easier to understand and can label things we have not already named. When two cultures meet, there are bound to be exchanging of words. This is simply shows that our language is evolving. English Language Lindsay Maughan ...read more.

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