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Painful realities

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Poetry creates awareness of painful realities. This can be appreciated in particular to war poetry where generally it is the aim of the poet to educate people on the horrific events that take place during the bleak years on the battlefields. The painful realities are expressed through metaphors, similes, specific tone of language and mood. Furthermore, poets use tempo, reflections and questions in their writing in order to express their feelings and what war is essentially about. In order to study at how poetry creates awareness, four poems will be considered. ...read more.


This is the basis to the poem, explaining to readers that war is as it appears. It is as the gruesome scenes of violence, death and pain. There are ????? The erratic shorter versus increase the intensity Dulce et Decorum Est creates the realities through careful structure. After describing how the soldiers, trudged through the mud, "blood shod and drunk with fatigue," it then describes the gas bombs. With clever use of metaphor, the green gas becomes a misty sea where soldiers drown as their lungs are burnt. ...read more.


Exclamation marks are employed, exemplifying the intensity of the cries of the soldiers and how they tried to warn each other of the green sea. Owen is able to draw the reader into experiencing the terrible realities as if one were there. Similes comparing soldiers' faces of torment and excruciating pain, like the devil's face, sick of sin, only emphasises what young men witnessed everyday. Owen Grenade by Francis Scarfe is an extended metaphor, looking at a grenade. Essentially, the short poem is a man's description of a grenade and his thought process as he builds the courage to throw it. The last few lines are what makes this poem so adpet in creating disturbing truths ...read more.

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